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The brand works hand in hand with the independent ladies of tomorrow.

Zenith fake launched its first series tailored for women in early 2020, which is definitely the contemporary DEFY Midnight. In order to express the modern femininity of this versatile and whimsical product line, the brand brings together accomplished women from all over the world. They adhere to Zenith’s creed of “Time reaches your star”, which will be realized forever Your dream. Enter Zenith DreamHers.

Dream Hers is a global movement aimed at highlighting visionary and independent women who pursue passion and stand out from all kinds of difficulties. The purpose of DreamHers is to open the door to relevant women who have paved their way, and to inspire others through role models and achievements. Zenith is proud to share its unique story of DreamHers.

Hat Mountain Airi
After the Japanese rhythmic gymnast turned into a TV personality, Aari Hatakeyama spent his entire adolescence training to become an rhythmic gymnast. She was only 17 years old and represented Japan in the 2012 Olympic Games-a remarkable feat at such a young age. After becoming the pinnacle of an athlete’s career, Airi decided it was time to fight for the next star and accept a new challenge. In just a few years, she recast herself as a well-known young TV personality in Japan. As a former athlete, Airi served as the host of sports shows on Japan’s most popular sports channel and hosted many TV shows. Zanith is Japan’s newest brand friend. Airi Hatakeyama has been inspired by countless young women who cherish her kind spirit and unremitting pursuit when achieving her goals.https://www.chronowrist.ru

Teresa J. Cuevas
Spanish architect and painter Teresa J. Cuevas collaborated with one of Korea’s major architectural studios to leave a lasting mark in the field of architecture and design. This experience opened her eyes to the world of abstract art, where she can express herself free of language, lines and geometric shapes. At the crossroads of her career, Teresa decided not to pursue her passion completely now or never. After returning to her hometown of Spain, she devoted all her energies to painting and is now a rising abstract painter. Teresa uses her art and platform as a means to express the connection between simplicity, lightness, peace and nature.

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Song Jia
Singer Ali de Abu de Avende (l l’aube de sa vingtaine). The Danish small Fa Association shined in the first Falun Gong Tournament in Paris, plus the face price of the cinema, and the French AFP and French record company awards. The permanent right to live among the diversified people among Song Jia, and the people who are public are constantly improving and perfecting the ideal environment. Ayantàcoeur de nombreuses (Ayantàcoeur de nombreuses) caused social and environmental impacts. Song Jia used his son to successfully provide beneficial support to the public. The United Nations Environment Programme, the World Population Fund and the World Wide Fund for Nature in the “Earth Hour” activities, and the Chinese Foundation for the Conservation of People. https://www.chronowatchmall.com

Precious Adams
The American ballerina Precious Adams is recognized as one of the outstanding stars of classical dance. She dreams of dancing on the longest stage she can remember. Her natural enthusiasm and hard training led her to enter ballet academies all over the world, and won numerous awards and honors in the process. At the peak of her career, Precious is now a member of the famous British National Ballet. Precious is a strong supporter of diversity and inclusiveness, and she is committed to bringing lasting changes to the art form she has dedicated her life to.

DreamHers marks the beginning of a new chapter for Zenith and develops female fake watches in a unique way to recognize those who share the concept of “time to reach stars”. This is a call for women all over the world to take action to pursue their dreams, no matter what obstacles may be in the way forward. Zenith looks forward to sharing their unique stories with the audience and introducing more DreamHers in the coming months.

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