Luxury Hublot BIG BANG FERRARI 1000 GP WHITE GOLD 45 MM 402.WX.0112.VR Replica watch

On September 13, 2020, we will celebrate the launch of the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari 1000 GP at Ferrari’s 1000th Grand Prix. The model is available in two versions, each with a limited edition of 20 pieces.

In the year that the Formula One World Championship celebrates its 70th anniversary, on the weekend of September 13, the Ferrari team will participate in the 1000th Grand Prix. The celebration will be held at the Mugello Circuit in Italy, and the race will be held in the country. Hublot celebrates that Scuderia Ferrari is the only team to participate in every Formula One World Championship since its inception in 1950. It is a true leader in the field of motorsports.

The cooperation between Hublot and Ferrari can be traced back to 2011-the strong cooperation on the personal and technical level has led to the creation of a series of models that embody the constant pursuit of innovation, excellence and performance, values, these values These two brands unify the fate of the car. To this day, with the release of the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari 1000 GP, the true art of fusion continues. There are two versions of this watch in recognition of Ferrari’s brilliant history and its leading position in technological progress. They are released in 20 limited editions of 20 pieces: 20-20 to reflect the landmark year in which the brand will participate in its 1000th competition.

“Since 2011, Hublot has been working closely with Scuderia Ferrari, the greatest team in racing history. It is for this reason that we celebrate the incredible celebration of 1,000 races in the Formula One Grand Prix. The event pays tribute. In the same year, our brand celebrated its 40th anniversary.”

“Scuderia Ferrari celebrates its 1000th Grand Prix at the Mugello circuit. In order to reach this milestone on the Italian circuit, it will make the race even more special. We are very happy to work with our partners Share the celebration with friends from Hublot and launch the Big Bang Ferrari 1000 GP.”

The first of these two limited editions commemorates the legend of the vaulting horse and represents the heritage of the brand. The 45mm case is made of polished white gold, with the words “Limited Edition x / 20” engraved on the back, and is equipped with two straps. This is due to Hublot’s unique and exclusive patented One Click system, which is easily interchangeable Features. Pecari leather-like the leather gloves worn by the driver before-with white top stitching, lined with black rubber, for greater sturdiness and comfort; the second one is made of pressure with black top stitching Made of patterned black Schedoni leather and located on the same rubber base.

Luxury Hublot BIG BANG FERRARI 1000 GP CARBON CERAMIC 45 MM 402.QC.0112.NR Replica watch

The second edition represents the current status and future of the Ferrari team. The case with a diameter of 45 mm is made of carbon ceramic. This material is both hard and extremely durable, and there is a reason: it is exactly the same material used in car brake discs. This cutting-edge technology was jointly developed by Hublot and Ferrari. The second version is equipped with a braided strap made of SuperFabric®, and a second leather strap made of embossed black Schedoni leather with black top stitching on a black rubber base.

Both are equipped with the Hublot Unico Manufacture movement-although the engine is more suitable here-integrate a flyback chronograph with train wheels and a 72-hour power reserve. The mechanism can be appreciated through the crystal on the back of the case, which bears the logo “1000 GP”.

Each watch will be delivered in a display box equipped with a rotor, which is a mechanical device that winds automatically when the watch rotates. There is a pair of driving gloves in an outer box, one of which is signed by Charles Leclerc and the other is only signed by the current driver of the Ferrari team Sebastian Vettel.

Enthusiasts who wish to purchase these two models of watches cheap will receive a special display box with a dual rotor, which contains two travel bags (one for each watch), and is also signed by two drivers A pair of driving gloves displayed under the glass.