Patek Philippe-Aquanaut Travel Time Ref. 5650G-001 Advanced Research

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Patek Philippe represents both tradition and innovation. In fact, this Geneva-based watchmaker has applied for more than 100 patents in its history, some of which are very important to the entire watchmaking industry. Popular cheap watch

The “Patek Philippe Advanced Research” project confirmed the brand’s pursuit of innovation. This avant-garde innovation program started in the early 2000s and usually cooperates with independent research institutions to conduct research in the fields of “new materials”, “new manufacturing technologies” and “new concept foundations”, thus enriching traditional development activities. Served as CSEM research laboratory and Lausanne Federal Institute of Technology (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne).

Since 2005, Patek Philippe has launched a limited edition special timepiece to showcase the various innovations brought about by research activities.

In 2017, Patek Philippe launched the Aquanaut Travel Time Ref. 5650G Advanced Research, a limited edition of 500 pieces, has two important innovations in the field of watch design.

The first innovation is the new Spiromax balance spring (initially introduced in 2006), which improves the geometry by adding an inner boss (a protrusion on the inner end of the spring) and has received multiple patents. It was developed within the scope of Patek Philippe’s advanced research concepts and provides an ideal prerequisite for mastering one of the basic issues affecting the balance wheel and the balance with hairspring: isochronism (when the duration of each half oscillation is the same, regardless of How about its amplitude and direction watch).

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The outer boss of the Spiromax hairspring is now paired with the inner boss. The outer boss, also known as the Patek Philippe end curve, improves the isochronism of the balance wheel in all positions by ensuring that the balance spring expands and contracts fully concentrically. It compensates for the isochronous interference caused by the rotation of the balance spring and balance wheel of the escapement, and has nothing to do with the amplitude. On the contrary, the internal boss can offset the change in the position of the center of gravity to ensure the highest speed accuracy in the vertical direction. For the owner, this means that the direction of the perfect aaa watch will not slow down or become faster.

Hundreds of repeated measurements conducted by the Patek Philippe certified laboratory show that the mechanical Patek Philippe mechanical movement with Spiromax hairspring has both an external boss and an internal boss, and the average speed can be adjusted from -1 to +2 seconds every 24 hours. The speed accuracy of the Patek Philippe movement and the tourbillon match.

The scope of the Patek Philippe Advanced Research Program is not limited to new materials and new technologies, but is also committed to optimizing existing mechanisms. In fact, the second of the two innovations presented here involves steel parts manufactured using conventional production methods.

The principle of “flexible mechanism” uses the elasticity of materials to replace mechanical joints composed of pivots and leaf springs. This method has proven itself in various applications that require extremely high accuracy, especially telescopes in space research. In order to evaluate its applicability and feasibility in terms of timepieces, researchers tried to integrate this concept into the time zone setting mechanism of the 324 S C FUS movement, which is also used in other Patek Philippe timepieces, such as Calatrava Pilot Travel Time.

This is a kinematically very complex mechanism (the interaction of two rotational movements, the pusher is disconnected), involving common functions in horology, used to control various forces, including levers and clicks.

It can be seen from the partially opened dial that the new positioning device developed by the Patek Philippe Advanced R&D Division includes four crossed leaf springs-two for each corrector button (one for the setting lever and one for the gear Circle forward beak), each with a certain pressure point. The individual leaf springs are very thin and are 150 microns (0.15 mm) apart from each other.

They are made of conventional watch steel, using the methods used by the latest generation of computer programmable machines commonly used by watch companies. The new time zone adjustment control device with flexible elements has many advantages: easier assembly (12 parts instead of 37 parts), faster assembly (4 screws), flatter profile (1.24mm vs. 1.45mm), There is no mechanical clearance, no friction, and no tool shaft wear, thus ensuring a completely lubricant-free function.

The surface of the new mechanical setting element conforms to the instructions of the Patek Philippe seal and is carefully modified and decorated in accordance with the Geneva watchmaking tradition. All edges are carefully chamfered and polished (except for leaf springs for functional reasons).

Patek Philippe Aquanaut Travel Time Ref. The 5650G Advanced Research uses a 40.8 mm wide and 11 mm thick platinum case.