Harry Winston Project Z13

Harry Winston Ocean Project Z13 OCEAMP42ZZ001 Replica Watch

The Z13 plan is detailed and poetic, sharp and smooth, strong and comfortable, and full of paradoxes. This is a timepiece with a carefully designed architectural structure that can simultaneously project an impression of asymmetry and order. Equipped with moon phase display and retrograde date, this is the first product in the series, and its supporting structure relies on the aesthetic language of machinery. Project Z13 is still made of the vibrant Zalium™ and continues along its radical path, which proves that Harry Winston’s Zalium™ timepieces can continue to surprise and change.

The Z13 project reiterated the basic design principles behind the Z project series in a precise and powerful way. Although the architectural structure is one of the founding features of the series, this timepiece has pushed it to new heights. Supported by the crossarm, two reading elements occupy the top and bottom of the Z13 project. At twelve o’clock, the traditional skeletonized dial with skeletonized hours and minutes becomes a striking design element in the series. At six o’clock, the Harry Winston House (Harry Winston House) showed for the first time the moon phase display in the series dedicated to Zalium™. In order to better stand out, this function seems to have been suspended and independent due to its graphic design.


The image chosen for the moon is the aesthetic symbol of the House of Representatives and the affirmation of its symbol. In order to make the first moon phase display in the Project Z series as unique as possible, the House of Representatives chose the Shuriken symbol, which has been part of the Project Z design vocabulary from the beginning. In order to complete the interpretation of Harry Winston’s exclusive moon, the design is not circular, but dodecagonal. Its 12 facets coincide with the cutouts of the moon cover, and the fixed part of the moon cover reveals the crescent shape of the crescent. Through this design, the moon display reflects the dual nature of the Z13 project: the timepiece is both delicate and smooth.

The HW3202 movement also has a retrograde date, which can be used repeatedly in collections. Its wide range occupies the entire lower half of the dial. Discount new cheap watches


In addition to these functional areas designed to provide information at a glance, the HW3202 movement can also be seen through the large opening provided by the dial support structure. This fully demonstrates its outstanding movement, so that the timepiece’s finish can appreciate the smallest details, including the radial Cotes de Gene ves pattern.


The central theme in the Z project collection is the materials used in the Z13 project. First of all, the 42.2 mm case is made entirely of Zalium™, which is a lightweight and powerful iconic Harry Winston alloy, whose initials are the name of the series. In addition, this Project Z timepiece also uses carbon for the first time. The four arms on the outside of the fixed lunar cover and chapter ring are equipped with carbon fiber inserts. Shopping 2020 replica watch

Shades of blue

This blue color is a symbol of Harry Winston’s former residence and is often highlighted in Project Z. In the thirteenth edition, this color appears on the hand, the background of the full moon astrolabe, the date area, the Harry Winston emerald located at twelve o’clock and the elements around the off-center dial. Finally, it is also found in the top stitching of the black rubber calfskin strap. This special blue is vivid and lively, reflecting the unique energy of Project Z. Just like its predecessor, Project Z13 is a sports car. This complex timepiece is designed for those who live an active life while paying attention to ergonomics and comfort. In terms of exclusivity, this is a common feature in Project Z timepieces for thirteen years.