CALATRAVA pilot travel time reference 7234G-001

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With the new CALATRAVA pilot travel time reference 7234G-001, Patek Philippe has completed the design of its pilot series of watches inspired by the pilot’s time constraints created by the manufacturer in the 1930s. Recognizability has been established as a contemporary classic. Pilot styles are now available in the following four Calatrava Pilot Travel Time Dual Time Zone Travel Watches (grey or rose gold and two sizes), and have a 24-hour alarm function during large travel times-multiple limited editions are not included series.

In 2015, Patek Philippe launched a watch with an atypical style. Whether it is a round case or a dark dial with large white numbers and a luminous dial, it is surprising. Whether it is the name or the functional design, this timepiece is reminiscent of the first pilot’s watch. Patek Philippe was indeed inspired by two watches produced by the manufacturer in 1936. The watch is kept in the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva. A very special model with a side-viewer (hour angle) allows the pilot to determine in a simple and precise way. Its location. So quickly, the Calatrava pilot travel time reference number 5524G pays tribute to the pioneers of aviation and the heyday of conquering the sky. This is an epic that Geneva manufacturers also contributed to.

Pursuing the modern traveler

However, Patek Philippe replica is not satisfied with the simple reissue, but hopes to reinterpret its heritage in a contemporary spirit as usual. The usual black dial on pilot watches has been replaced by the original and elegant blue, with excellent contrast in terms of readability. The barometer-style display became obsolete with the advent of navigation tools. It has been replaced by a very useful feature of modern travelers: the use of a proprietary travel time mechanism to display a second time zone. This very easy-to-use system was patented by Patek Philippe in 1959 and 1996. Its two central hour hands and two buttons enable the position of the local hour hand to be adjusted in one step. Time, date index is local time.

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The birth of a family

The emergence of this new face in the Patek Philippe series was immediately a big success in men’s clothing. I am very happy to be able to wear a more technical style watch with a 42mm diameter “large” that shows all craftsmanship. , Patek Philippe’s precision and timeless elegance. This also marked the birth of a new series of timepieces combined with an instantly recognizable style. In 2018, Patek Philippe reinterpreted the original Calatrava Pilot Travel Time with a rose gold version and a brown dial.

In the same year, the best fake watch factory launched a medium-sized (37.5 mm) rose gold watch for women and men, who prefer watches with classic proportions. In 2019, the pilot style gained the highest recognition by launching the Grande Complication alert travel time Ref. 5520, which combines dual time zones and a 24-hour alert mechanism. In addition, the 2017 New York Patek Philippe (No. 5522A) and 2019 Singapore (No. 7234A) Patek Philippe exhibition limited series.

Therefore, in just a few years, the pilot watch has become an indispensable part of the Patek Philippe series. It is a perfect combination between tradition and innovation. It embodies all the creativity of the watch factory-and has become a classic of modern design. For. Watchmakers such as the legendary Golden Ellipse and the iconic Nautilus and Aquanaut have become. The release of the new Calatrava Pilot Travel Time reference number 7234G-001 Platinum Medium will further strengthen this success.

New CALATRAVA pilot travel time reference 7234G-001

The medium-sized reference model 5524G was launched in 2015. The new Calatrava Pilot Travel Time reference model 7234G has a diameter of 37.5 mm and fits all male and female wrists. The round Calatrava-type white gold case is known for its stylish design. The flat bezel has a slightly slanted outline, and the middle part continues into the elongated bracelet attachment.

The hollow white gold numbers are filled with white luminous coating, and the large “truncheon”-shaped pointers (also visible in the dark) in white gold on a blue background enhance the clarity of the blue paint surface of the aerospace lacquer. At the same time it has a technical, timeless and elegant face.

The automatic movement 324 S C FUS (294 parts) stands out with its easy-to-use travel time second time zone display system. All you have to do is press one of the two buttons located on the left side of the chassis to move the local time hand forward (bottom button) or backward (top button) (pointer) in one-hour increments. full). During these operations, this hand is separated from the movement, so that all the precision of minutes and seconds can be maintained. As for the punch needle, it can reserve the return time. Both time zones are equipped with day/night indicators (9 am local local time, 3 am local counter local time), which is easy to set and avoid asking loved ones to sleep and wake them up. When the user is not traveling, the two hour hands overlap perfectly with one hand.

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The two time zone buttons have a patented security system that prevents any accidental interference with local time. To activate them, the user must first turn them a quarter turn to unlock them-grooves with grooves are easy to operate. After activation, the button must be relocked by turning a quarter turn in the opposite direction.

The date hand is located at the 6 o’clock position, and the displayed numbers are from 3 to 3, which are easy to read without visually overloading the scale. Very comfortable when traveling, the date is always indexed to the local time, and the date can be changed forward or backward (if necessary) when the time zone button is activated.

The new reference model 7234G is equipped with a shiny navy blue calfskin strap with a platinum pin buckle and the word “Bridge”. The strap is inspired by these straps so that pilots can take emergency The toolkit is installed on it. (Parachute and survival equipment). It is also equipped with a second “vintage” brown calfskin strap with contrast stitching reminiscent of the belt of a classic pilot suit.

Add this men’s replica watch and women’s watch to the reference number 5524G, the diameter is 42 mm, which can form a pair of “pair watches.” Two sizes of Calatrava Pilot Travel Time are also available in rose gold, and the brown dial is faded to black (reference numbers 5524R and 7234R).