MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual Evo Watch hands-on

MB&F LM101 RG 51.RL.W Replica Watch

Nowadays, luxury men watches with sports functions are all the rage-what better proof do you need compared to the launch of the first MB&F designed for active lifestyles? Take a look at the MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual Evo, this is a beautiful and beautiful mechanical watch that takes the peculiar concept of the “Deluxe Beater” to a whole new level.

After a while, I got a hands-on impression, but first it was a reflection on the video. MB&F launched a 3 x 15-piece evolutionary version of Legacy Machine Perpetual. The video is beautifully produced and hosted by members of the MB&F team. It shows people running in the wild, jumping into the sea, and cycling and running in Geneva in the most extreme usage scenarios-possibly the most dangerous law (for Temporarily) activities throughout Switzerland. The watch and its countless exposed parts gleam, while the specially domed sapphire crystal and zircon case glow softly in the light. When I witnessed this, I found myself swallowing calls such as “Oh!” many times. And “Don’t do that, you idiot!”-even if I sit alone in front of the laptop. In other words, the capable MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual Evo may (we will see at a critical juncture), seeing people wearing such excellent clocks when running and cycling in the city or in the wild, is like adrenaline. Experience as an action movie.

However, once you have a 44mm x 17.5mm clock design on your wrist, it all becomes meaningful. This is the watch you will never return, let go or even take away. So, on this basis, I think you will definitely run on Geneva (Geneva), and Geneva is the city where you least want to have such a deadly large number of selfless French cyclists and cyclists. Seeing almost every change in MB&F watch has produced (luckily, I) ranked MB&F among the brands with the highest hit rate among the watches that never want to take off. I (I think many of us) will be happy to present the Legacy Machine Perpetual (perpetual calendar) and perpetual calendar as well as the exquisite watchmaking skills as the only watch in a dazzling presentation.

MB&F claims that many of its customers feel the same way. However, you will find that there is a problem. The original LM Perpetual was never designed to be worn in difficult activities, such as diving, cycling, and riding a motorcycle or running on rough terrain. Not that kind of movement, not that kind of situation, not that kind of belt. Therefore, MB&F believes that they will make a difference in transforming the intricate perpetual calendar into an all-round watch, and has introduced many updates for this. They first increased the water resistance to the rated 80 meters (this is a saying in the Swiss watch industry that the case and its gaskets are strong and durable enough to make you feel relieved when you occasionally jump from the stern, instead of actually going to about 80 meters. Meters deep).


Similarly, the four small circular adjuster push rods on the original have been replaced by wider, dual-spring, elliptical actuators that provide better sealing and are easier to press. The bezel and sapphire crystal have also been redesigned: the crystal now has a new geometric shape, has a higher structural rigidity, and is “fused” with the case (actually thermally bonded) with a borderless design. The crown is now tightened to increase safety and water resistance, and is equipped with a system that can disconnect the winding stem when the crown is turned back. This is convenient when the mainspring is fully wound and the crown can no longer be turned-but you need to tighten it to secure it.

Higher water resistance levels and customer requirements for water abrasion require the development of rubber straps and the perfect integration of the watch case design. In this way, the watch band follows the bend of the watch case between the lugs and widens at the end of the lugs to provide a slender but wide watch band, which has the best safety and reduces the swing of the watch head. I’m not sure if this makes sense aesthetically, but I do want to know if the strap looks better on certain openings (Richard Mille style) in order to better ventilate and complement the complex appearance of the dial and case. The folding clasp is made of delicate titanium with the MB&F logo.

Finally, there are the most surprising details of MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual Evo: aptly called “FlexRing”. MB&F explained that this integrated damping system is a ring-shaped damper installed between the case and the movement to provide shock protection along the vertical and lateral axes. The damper is made of a single piece of stainless steel and has excellent durability. “This idea reminds me of the “Alpha GEL” shock absorber system, which plays a key role in making G-Shock watches such outstanding durability. More importantly, MB&F has paid for the comprehensive design of sportswear More effort, instead of just assembling a rubber strap, improved the water resistance and called it the sky.

MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual Evo offers three different versions-each version is limited to 15 iterations, and each case is made of zirconium. These variants use dials made of orange CVD, blue CVD or black PVD-the flaming orange version has become my personal favorite because of its gorgeous and rich colors, which perfectly demonstrates the sporty characteristics of this latest Legacy Machine. Many parts of the movement developed by Stephen McDonnell have been revealed-a total of 581 parts and 41 jewels give this baby watch a 70-hour power reserve, supplemented only by the crown.

The hand-finished “respect for the style of the 19th century” is abundant from front to back, including the huge wishbone bridge, which hangs an absolutely huge 14mm wide balance wheel and uses traditional adjusting screws to adjust the moment of inertia. The outstanding completion of the movement and the case (because the completion of the case of MB&F watches usually does not get the honor it deserves because the movement usually steals the show) makes this piece so popular: the top watch industry, you can own and consider the It is impossible to use the scene. Think of all these carefully crafted and hand-assembled movements, as well as the watch case components that desperately try to impress the wearer when the wearer is crossing the bushes. It is stupid and magnificent.