Jacobs and Astronomers Casino

Jacob & Co Replica watch Astronomia Casino AT160.40.AA.AA.A

Jacob & Co. is a brand famous for high-end jewelry and jewelry watches. This was a popular concept until Baselworld in 2014, when the company introduced the astronomical tourbillon timepiece. Although the Astronomia Tourbillon was not Jacob & Co.’s first complex watch, it was certainly the brand’s most eye-catching design at the time. The nature of the exhibitionist and the complex and primitive actions swept the world. Since then, dozens of creative variants have been introduced, each of which is more sensational than before, and the watch is still the topic of every watch show it appears. At this year’s Basel Watch Fair, emerging astronomers added a new thing. Presentation, perhaps this is by far the most creative one. Here, we introduce you the detailed information and ideas of the astronomical casino with the theme of roulette.

Case, dial and hands
Astronomy Casino uses a standard astronomical case, reminiscent of an aquarium. It is worth noting that the strap is a continuous sapphire crystal, how the lugs are hollowed out to achieve this design. Naturally, the movement and display are so stunning, you want to know the contents of the case to the greatest extent. According to the tabulation standards, the case involved a wide range. So big that the diameter of the rose gold case is 47 mm and the height is 27.9 mm (no, not a typo). With these measurements, the Astronomer Casino obviously does not mean (or can) hide under the sleeve. Be extra careful when wearing the watch to avoid being caught with all your strength. The only thing that really saves the watch from being completely wrapped around the wrist is its sharp drooping, short lugs. For astronomical watch cases, what we have always liked is that it does not have a crown, which can disrupt the balance of the watch. Instead, the upper and lower strings of the chronometer are completed by two keys on the back cover.

The design of the case is similar to a display cabinet, which can display the movement and display to the greatest extent.

But despite the impressive situation, the content is incredible. To be commendable are the designers of the Astronomer Casino, who noticed how the astronomer’s four-arm movement fits into the roulette theme. A spokes turret made of rose gold is placed in the center of the movement, which itself looks like a turret with four fork-shaped spokes. In this way, the center piece does become somewhat redundant. In fact, if you do not do this, the height of the watch will be greatly reduced.

The button at 8 o’clock makes Astronomia Casino’s roulette in green, red and black enamel, and is inlaid with mahogany, which is very spectacular.

Jacob & Co Replica watch Astronomia Solar Baguette AS800.40.AP.YK.A

There is an iconic astronomy exhibit on each of the four arms of the movement: 1 carat, 288 diamonds, a magnesite globe, hour and minute hands, and of course a dual-axis flying tourbillon. Below the arm is a roulette complication. The roulette is also refined in rose gold and can be rotated by a pusher located at 8 o’clock on the case. Then the ceramic ball is blown away, and finally falls into one of the many colored and numbered pockets. These pockets are made of green, black or red enamel.

The manual winding movement JCAM29A produced in-house drives the Astronomy Casino. The 395 parts consist of 42 gems, with a diameter of 41.40 mm and a thickness of 20.50 mm. Despite the constant power consumption, it still has a considerable power reserve of 60 hours and runs steadily at a beat frequency of 3 Hz. The bottom cover of the Astronomy Casino is so strong that the movement cannot be seen. Fortunately, most of the movement can be seen from the front, obviously, its appearance is very gorgeous. The plates, bridges and tourbillon cage are decorated with polished bevels, the wheels have a round texture, the screws are polished, and other decorative techniques are used for other visible or invisible parts.

There are two keys for winding and setting the time on the solid bottom cover.

Competitive landscape
Whether you like swiss watches or not, the fact remains that Astronomer Casino is a truly unique timepiece, which stems from sublime creativity and superb craftsmanship. Outside of astronomy, there is nothing better than this. It is the ultimate form of wealth in watchmaking, and its pricing reflects this concept.

The Astronomy Casino stretches out like a thumb on the wrist, like a miniature monument.