New: MB&F HM4 Kittyhawk-PièceUnique, made from the original prototype

MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt RT 40.RSL.R Replica Watch

Two weeks ago, MB&F celebrated the 10th anniversary of HM3 Frog by announcing the “FrogX” anniversary edition. The Frog is one of two crazy watches first launched by MB&F in 2010. In the same year, the radical HM4 Thunderbolt also came out. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, MB&F transformed the original HM4 prototype into PièceUnique: HM4 “Kittyhawk”.

Interestingly, MB&F chose to release a 10-year-old original prototype as PièceUnique with special artwork. The special commissioned work was made by the miniature artist Isabelle Villa.

The choice of Curtis P-40 is also very interesting. This is a strange aircraft, not known for its performance. The engine has no power, and it is not as good as the Luftwaffe fighter jets in the battle during World War II, such as the Messerschmitt Bf 109 or Focke-Wulf Fw 190 in high-altitude combat. It also played an important role in other places where the P-40’s performance in high altitude areas is less important. There, it served as an air superiority fighter, bomber frigate and fighter bomber.

This is also the theme of the release of the Breitling Pilot 8 Curtis Warhawk series and the ace WWII pilot Ollie Crawford who died in 2019 at the age of 94.

The HM4 case adopts any standard definition and is matched by an engine that competes with the structure of the traditional watch movement. Due to its complexity, it was limited to 100 pieces from the beginning, and each of these 100 movements entered one of the various versions of HM4-the last remaining piece was sold a few years ago.

If you know something about aviation, the name Kittyhawk will be familiar. The Curtis P-40 was one of the most important WW2 Allied aircraft produced between 1938 and 1944. Depending on the model, it carries nicknames such as Warhawk, Tomahawk and Kittyhawk. It has been criticized for its average performance on paper, and its outstanding performance in combat is surprising. To this day, aviation experts are still arguing about the advantages and disadvantages of aircraft. In any case, it was still one of the most iconic aircraft at the time-especially the sample shocked the typical “shark mouth” and eyes. luxury men watch

Just like the “nose art” of those legendary WW2 aircraft, this PièceUnique has hand-painted shark mouths and eyes, as well as aging time and power reserve dials.

Following the shape shown in the figure, the micron-level metal removed from the side of the fuselage was first carefully prepared to prepare a 10-year prototype titanium case to welcome the recessed painting. It was then handed over to the extremely talented miniature painter Isabelle Villa (Isabelle Villa), who meticulously painted sinister teeth and angry eyes. Finally, apply a layer of transparent varnish to protect the miniature painting and make it flush with the case.

Replica MB&F Horological Machine No4 HM4 Kittyhawk watch

Item Type: Replica Horological Machine No4 HM4 Watches
Case Material: Titanium,Atypical
Model Number: HM4 Kittyhawk
Brand Name: MB&F
Gender: men
Movement: Manual
Dial Diameter: 54mm x 52 mm
Thickness: 24 mm
Dial: Black with Hours and Minutes and White with Power Reserve Indicator
Glass: Sapphire
Clasp Type: titanium deployment buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Band Material Type: Leather strap
Functions: Hours and Minutes
Year: 2020

MB&F turns HM4 Thunderbolt prototype into unique

In 2010, MB&F launched HM4 Thunderbolt. This aviation-inspired watch stands out even in the rest of the brand’s collection. In the same year, it also won the Geneva Fine Watch Awards (GPHG) for the best concept and design watch. Even according to the MB&F standard, the structure of the case and movement is complicated. Only 100 pieces were produced, and the last one was delivered to collectors a few years ago. To commemorate its 10th anniversary, MB&F made the original prototype of HM4 Thunderbolt into a unique work.

To make this watch truly outstanding, MB&F undoubtedly drew inspiration from aviation history. The Curtis P-40 (built between 1938 and 1944) was one of the most important aircraft in the Second World War and played a vital role in winning the war. It carries many nicknames, including Kittyhawk, which MB&F adopted for this special name. Some Curtis P-40 planes have shark mouths and eyes painted on the front of the plane, making them more fearful and eventually becoming iconic graphics.

Miniature painter Isabelle Villa is responsible for the detailed painting of HM4 Kittyhawk. In order to accommodate the painting, MB&F removed the tiny part of titanium according to the shape of the illustration, thus processing the sides of the box. In this way, the picture becomes flush with the box. To protect it, the last layer of clear varnish sealed the paint. Finally, MB&F has aged the time and power reserve dials. With a matching calfskin strap, it gives the watch a retro look. Now, this watch is also the last one to fly out of MB&F’s finished products, as a unique memorial to one of the most iconic aircraft in World War II.