Urwerk EMC TimeHunter Stormtrooper


Urwerk announces the launch of a limited edition EMC TimeHunter Stormtrooper

It’s no secret that the people behind the luxury watch brand Urwerk are loyal supporters of the “Star Wars” series. Over the years, this futuristic brand has repeatedly nodded to Galaxy, far away from internal project names (such as C-3PO and Falcon Project), but for its latest version, Urwerk made these “Star Wars” references more public. . The limited edition Urwerk EMC TimeHunter Stormtrooper was inspired by the iconic appearance of the franchised white armored empire militants, adding a solid sandblasted white ceramic color scheme to one of its most technologically advanced model series.

Like the previous version of EMC TimeHunter series products, Urwerk EMC TimeHunter Stormtrooper adopts an asymmetrical, angular and militaristic chassis design with a size of 43mm x 51mm. EMC TimeHunter Stormtrooper is made of lightweight grade 5 titanium alloy and stainless steel, and is sprayed with sandblasted ceramic lacquer. With its distinctive “Star Wars” inspired by the black on white scheme, it is different.

In the initial image, this new monochrome treatment is designed to emphasize the futuristic, almost unusual quality of the table, while maintaining robustness and functionality. The knob, the oversized 6 o’clock crown and the iconic folding charging crank along the 3 o’clock side of the case maintain clear visual highlights, while the tiny 30-meter water resistance level continues to undermine the rugged military design.

In order to maintain the brutal appearance of the Empire style in the overall design, the dial of the Urwerk EMC TimeHunter Stormtrooper avoids the color skeleton processing of some previous models, and uses a simpler black processing. Despite reducing the visual complexity, this dial layout is still full of personality, from the huge giant pattern on the main dial surface to the unorthodox embossed application on the arrow pointer. From the running seconds at 1 o’clock to the power reserve at 7 o’clock, the sub-dial surrounding the main chronograph surface is also distinctive, but the most striking is the unconventional sub-dial on the 11 o’clock dial.

This unique reading is directly related to EMC TimeHunter Stormtrooper’s electronic electromechanical control system (EMC). The dual-purpose display allows the wearer to quickly view the daily rate deviation (from +15 to -15 seconds) of daily exercise and the current amplitude of exercise, which can be used as an early indicator of wear or damage. It provides extremely mysterious information, but it establishes a direct and tangible connection between the mechanical movement and the wearer in a novel way.

Unlike the infamous “Star Wars” sharpshooter, the Urwerk EMC TimeHunter Stormtrooper is fanatical about precision, while the love for performance is reflected in the internal movement UR-EMC2 manual winding mechanical movement. The basic mechanical movement itself is very complicated, with a proprietary ARCAP balance and a series of double vertical winding bezels, which can obtain a huge power reserve of 80 hours at a speed of 28,800 bph, while the traditional mechanical movement only accounts for half. Urwerk integrates this movement with its unique EMC module, allowing the wearer to easily check the accuracy and health of the movement in real time. By using a large retractable crank recessed into the side of the case, the wearer can charge a miniature solenoid coil that powers a miniature electronic control circuit. The circuit runs to align the laser diode and sensor array of the balance wheel, measure the rate deviation and amplitude, and compare it with the internal 16MHz microprocessor, which is used as a reference. In addition to providing the wearer with instant in-depth information, Urwerk also makes the flight process of the aircraft easy to adjust. The timing adjustment screw on the bottom cover allows the wearer to adjust the length of the hairspring at will to maintain accuracy. Urwerk completed the EMC TimeHunter Stormtrooper with an integrated black woven strap.

Although the unorthodox design and the distinctive “Star Wars” inspired colors may not be in line with everyone’s preferences, the limited edition Urwerk EMC TimeHunter Stormtrooper is one of the most attractive and technically dynamic designs on the current haute watch market. One.