HYT H1.0 blue, red and green

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HYT H1.0 blue, red and green. Unconventional fluid timing function with hollow dial.

HYT H1.0 is the latest and largest hydro-mechanical timepiece in avant-garde houses located in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. HYT is the only watch company that displays liquid time. It was established in 2012 when the H1 was launched at the Baselworld. Today, after a lot of work in the R&D department, HYT has consolidated its position as one of the top independent watch brands with its truly unique products, which is unparalleled and won the Innovation Award at the 2012 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards.

The idea of ​​introducing fluid into the heart of a mechanical watch, founded by Lucien Vouillamoz, Patrick Berdoz, Emmanuel Savioz and Vincent Perriard, seems to be the craziest thing. Despite the challenges, Jean-François Mojon and his team’s task at Chronode is still to develop the H1 movement under the close supervision of Vouillamoz, and Preciflex is responsible for fluid technology. At an incredible starting point, HYT partnered with APRP (Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi) (Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi) to launch H2 in 2013.

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The new HYT H1.0 is a natural evolution and advancement of the minimalist design of H0 Origin released at the 2017 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Fair. If you do better, even if everything is possible, the new HYT H1.0 has a forward-looking and a certain degree of car-featured inspired hollow dial, which will raise the wah element to a new level. Although its predecessor, H0 Origin, benefits from its sapphire crystal top cover, it has a beautiful appearance, and the ability to appreciate the internal structure of this mechanical watch under the dial makes it a very sexy watch. The watch provides three different colors of usable liquid (blue, red and green). The watch maintains two flexible liquid storage tanks, which are connected to both ends of a capillary tube, which contains colored liquid and transparent liquid. With their molecular repulsion, they can stay apart.

H1.0 has three-dimensional transparency. From any angle, it requires an architectural method to visualize the passage of time and use liquids to place the current environment in the past and future environments. The diameter of the watch is 48.8 mm and the thickness is 20.08 mm, which is nearly one millimeter thicker than H0 Origin. And the green fluid model reference. H02021 has a black DLC stainless steel case outline with red fluid markings. H02022 uses anthracite DLC coated stainless steel and blue liquid marking. H02023 is an ordinary satin-finished stainless steel.

All three perfect replica watches are delivered on a black one-piece rubber strap with a titanium folding clasp that matches the color of the case. Perhaps the biggest functional improvement between H0 and the new H1.0 is that the latter is now equipped with a screw-in crown-with a perforated design instead of a spiral design, even if the 50 meter rating remains the same.

The three new H1.0 models, which combine silver, black and anthracite surface treatments with blue, green and red immiscible liquids, made their debut at SIHH in Geneva in January 2019. The fourth model has just been released at Watches & Wonders in Miami, and we will show it here in the next few days.

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The dial of the new H1.0 is hollowed out, with an anthracite hour counter, grinded marks and numbers, an anthracite minute counter with a minute hand, and the corresponding liquid colors-white marks and numbers for red and green liquid references, black marks and numbers for blue fluid In the model, the running seconds indicator in the shape of a turbine at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock has a pressure gauge type power reserve indicator whose color emphasis matches the color of the corresponding fluid.

When watching HYT H1.0, with a highly car-inspired appearance-not intentionally-one can think of Bugatti or Ferrari. The honeycomb mesh is reminiscent of the protective mesh around the front grille or air intake, while the corner shape of the opening of the multi-layer metal bellows is similar to a pair of exhaust pipes on a super sports car. The always clear and unmistakable swiss HYT DNA contributes to a very sporty appearance.

These dials are very eye-catching and are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful HYT timepieces. The layout of the regulator is very easy to read, and it only takes a moment to get used to how colored liquids (with highly resistant dyes) mark the hours, while the transparent liquid flows through a nano-sized borosilicate glass capillary. -Internal coating.

The new replica HYT H1.0 is powered by the manual winding movement HYT 401, not the HYT 101 that powers H0 Origin. This 35 jewel movement has a beating frequency of 28,800 and can provide a 65-hour power reserve. HYT’s unique patented microfluidic module brings amazing motion including two multi-layer metal bellows, nano-coated borosilicate glass capillaries inside, two immiscible liquids-one is transparent, the other The kind is colored with high-resistance dyes-bellows with special heat compensator equipped with special liquid and ceramic fluid restrictors.