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60 years of outstanding watchmaking Celebrate the harmony of replica Grand Seiko watches in a particularly meaningful anniversary.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of an important milestone in the history of Seiko-the founding of Seiko itself. The nickname of Grand Seiko began in a specific series produced by Seiko in 1960. It was born from the desire to create a durable, accurate and beautiful watch. This is a simple stated goal, but it is difficult to achieve.

In the 60 years since the first Grand Seiko watch came out, they have developed to a certain degree that may surprise the watchmakers and designers responsible for the watch. One of Da Seiko’s most impressive achievements is the evolution of its design language, although the basic philosophy of relentless pursuit of excellence in design methods is the same as Da Seiko’s movement. The evolution of the dial complements the exquisite performance of the Seiko case, while the evolution of the dial is entirely produced by the company itself (most Swiss fake luxury watches dials are produced by professional suppliers), and deeply attract people’s attention and appreciate the unique characteristics of Japanese culture The beauty and harmony of nature.

“Harmony is one of the fundamental reasons why the 60th anniversary is so important.”

Harmony is one of the fundamental reasons why the 60th anniversary is so important-the traditional East Asian calendar that has been used in Japan for centuries is built around the 60-year cycle, where all aspects of the calendar (including the lunar month) are related to the solar year and the passage of seasons Integrating into one, a harmonious interaction of the influence of land and celestial bodies is produced. It is an appropriate anniversary to celebrate this harmony on a Grand Seiko replica watch, during which machinery and art become a unified whole, far more than the sum of its many exquisite parts.

Express the function and emotion of the watch with superb craftsmanship and precision.

In watch design, it is self-evident that the dial and the pointers, dial markings and other elements related to the dial itself are indispensable elements in the entire watch experience. After all, their design directly determines our experience of the watch, which determines the passage of time. For Mr. Kamichi Junichi, Grand Seiko’s senior design manager, this means no chance.

He said: “Many of our dial designs are inspired by nature.” “We are challenging ourselves to reflect these inspirations in dial aesthetics. For example, a dial composed of five layers has been processed in various ways to create Dial with depth.”

You should also consider how to experience all aspects of the turntable. Kamata said: “The dial is one of the most important elements that make up the dial.” “This is an important part of displaying watch functions and expressing the emotions of the cheap replica watches. The basis of designing the dial is the perfect balance of finishing, index, pointer and font. Except for two In addition to the three-dimensional graphic design, the designer carefully considered the relationship between these elements in 0.01 millimeters in three dimensions. Sometimes, we check the details of the dial from the perspective of insects.”