Patek Philippe 5303R-001-Tourbillon minute repeater

As you know, Patek Philippe fake invested 600 million Swiss francs in its new plant in Plan-les-Ouates, which was completed earlier this year. If you want to know how much money has been spent and how the Stern family has achieved a balance between maintaining tradition and looking forward to the future, then please take a look at the latest minute repeater 5303R-001, which will give you a good impression.

Keep an open mind: What makes a watch so special?
The rose gold 5303R is a slightly modified version of the special edition, limited to the twelve pieces exhibited at the “Singapore Watch Art Exhibition 2019” last year. The design that has been published will become a normal part of the extraordinary Grande Complications, and is novel in two different ways. First, until this model was proposed, there had never been a manufacturer’s minute dial with a striking striking mechanism on the dial side.

Secondly, it is also unusual: the movement now shows the tourbillon at a glance on the side of the dial. Traditionally, Patek Philippe’s tourbillon can only be admired through the sapphire crystal back cover. This means that the wearer is usually aware of the intrinsic value of the watch, but this value will not be presented to the outside world. Of course, this is the best form of understatement, but at the same time, it would be very strange on a skeletonized model such as 5303R-001. Therefore, this new model can be interpreted as an expression of attitude, that is, people should never give up their willingness to explore new ways while remaining faithful to the core value of the brand.

Keep the tradition alive: Patek Philippe Minute Repeater
What is certain is that the minute repeater is placed in a stable position in Patek Philippe DNA in various forms. As early as 1845, the first pocket watch with the minute repeater function was produced. Since then, the expertise in this field has continued to expand, usually using custom and commissioned designs, but at the same time, it also has a great deal of common series. Passion – if you can really call these timepieces “normal”.

Currently, these are various minute repeaters, combined with various other complications, from reference number 5078 (enamel dial with small seconds) to reference number 5178, 5531 (with world time function), 5374 (with perpetual calendar) , 5208 (with chronograph and perpetual calendar), 5207 and 5316 (both with tourbillon and perpetual calendar), Sky Moon Tourbillon 6002 and Grandmaster Chime 6300, which combine no less than twenty complications-including five Percussion function.

Therefore, it can be quickly deduced that minute repetition is the core of watchmakers around Patek Philippe’s chief developer Philip Barat.

Movement: many new aspects
These pictures show how spectacular 5303 has become. Only true watch fans may look at their wrists so frequently that others around them begin to suspect that they are in a hurry. However, when watching a clock, it is not actually time but the pleasure of watching a watch. In a minute repeater equipped with a tourbillon, the contented owner can and may be immersed in it forever.

To achieve this goal, the basic calibre 103 has been rebuilt, which has been the basis of all Patek Philippe minute repeaters since 1991. result? Caliber R TO 27 PS. In order to display the striking mechanism at the ten o’clock position of the dial, the bottom plate was enlarged to 31.6 mm and the support bridge of the hammer was added. In addition, the plate has been punched to expose the tourbillon. Each part (including the time wheel) has been skeletonized, and the rake used to count a quarter of an hour and a quarter of an hour has been modified and repositioned.

Similarly, the small gong that is usually located under the bridge is moved to the side of the dial. In addition, the transparent sapphire crystal disc above the lower dial can display the small seconds with a red hand, while protecting the tourbillon from ultraviolet radiation.

All in all, the internal working principle of this 5303R is fascinating. It is characterized by the clever formation of contrast markers or skull hands through rose gold, white gold and steel colors and black tones (such as a narrow hour ring with minute scale). The art deco techniques from Geneva stripes to circular textures and satin finishes are also replica watches

From a visual point of view, this small artwork is inspired by the Minute Repeater Reference 5104 with permanent calendar and transparent dial, which was first launched in 2007, and Reference 5304R, which was launched in 2014 – but with automatic rather than manual functions. Chain movement, and does not allow to view the impact mechanism.

With a diameter of 42 mm and a height of 12.13 mm, the 5303R is indeed a light thing for such an excellent watchmaking industry. Particularly beautiful is the recurring “leaf” leaf, which first appeared in the black hollowed out hand, found on the back of the case of the movement, and decorated the side or slider of the minute repeater. Here, the pattern is white gold, which is in good agreement with other dominant rose gold. Only those who are not two-color loyal supporters will be happy.

Patek Philippe uses 5303R-001 to do more. It allows the wearer to not only see the time, but also hear the time, which is a truly happy moment for every watch enthusiast. But to show it with this unique design and be able to actually watch it at work, it is really special-not to mention that in this case, the sound and tone of the minute repeater can move freely than it. Use the dial to slow down.

It is worth mentioning that CEO Thierry Stern personally carefully checked the sound quality of each repeater model. Especially this watch is also a piece of history. Committed to the pursuit of perfection, constantly changing and faithful to their values. Perhaps this is also a statement that, especially in challenging times, people will not stop or rest assured, but will continue to strive for the best situation and distract consumers from the current art by creating the most beautiful things in other ways. The world of attention. The last question now is: what will be created in the new factory building in the future?