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Audemars Piguet replica Jules Audemars XXL Chronograph “Sixth Day” The Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars XXL Chronograph is a 48mm Phantom. Although its immersiveness is undoubtedly impeccable, the rarity of this watch means that even a diligent Internet search cannot obtain valuable background information on the Jules Audemars XXL chronograph.

This is a deal; this behemoth machine made a series of 50 watches to commemorate the 125th anniversary of Audemars Piguet in 2000, and released the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie “The Sixth Day” . Arnold wore his iconic watch in the movie, and 49 other examples were given to charity donors at Schwarzenegger’s annual “Arnold’s All-Stars” welfare dinner.

In exchange for a (very) large donation, the donor received dinner, good karma and this watch.

What kind of cheap watch is that? The 48mm case is mainly made of brushed titanium, but the polished bezel is 950pt platinum. The wide dial is equipped with full Arabic numerals, designed to evoke pilot models of the early 20th century, and its huge hands are carved to evoke the propellers of vintage airplanes.

The practical Kevlar belt and the contrasting “Panda” chronograph dial complete the vintage pilot atmosphere.

The Audemars Piguet “Sixth Day” watch also includes one of the least common accessories that come with luxury watches: the spare “Audemars Piguet Olive” green dial. At customer request, Audemars Piguet Service Center can replace the white dial depicted in the video with a green agent.

Offshore as a fusion of the Swiss watch industry

Reference 25721ST.OO.1000ST.01-the first offshore product

In order to outline a potentially embarrassing range, collectors wear Jumbos and perpetual motion machines from the Royal Oak collection, while others wear other things. The other things I said are easy to say, they are offshore companies. Offshore was launched in 1993 as a modern sports chronograph. In fact, this is AP’s first sports chronograph and is five years ahead of the Royal Oak chronograph in the form we are reviewing.

The original Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph was designed by Emmanuel Gueit, a junior designer at AP, now 45. At the time, he was only 22 years old and served as head of design for Audemars Piguet under the guidance of Gerald Genta’s direct successor Jacqueline Dimier. department. As the CEO of AP, you have Mr. Stephen Urquhart, many of you now know that he is the CEO of Omega.

Urquhart told Gueit that as sales of the standard model began to decline, they needed a “royal oak for young people.” The idea of ​​Gueit’s oversized waterproof chronograph is completely unfamiliar to today’s AP and the entire industry. Remember, no one made high-end sports chronographs at the time, just like when it came out in 1972, no one made steel sports watches.

Internally, even AP is not sure whether this new concept is correct. The project was delayed more than five times and was nicknamed “The Beast”. There have been several delays in production. The most obvious reason is that Gueit insists on using new materials for new watches, mainly silicon for buttons and crowns. In addition, the Associated Press did not take any action in the Offshore case-no one actually did. The modular chronograph based on JLC was the closest thing they could think of, because 42 mm was very large and thick at the time. Therefore, they put the movement into the antimagnetic ring. Fundamentally speaking, this is a solution, but even in the first few years, it has become a selling point of Offshore.