Replica Greubel Forsey Balancier watch

Greubel Forsey Balancier fake watch If complexity is the hallmark of a Grobel Fossey watch, it is the tourbillon. This is why Double Balancier watches are so amazing a few years ago, because this is their first watch without a tourbillon, and we don’t mind at all. The new product for 2017 is the Greubel Forsey Balancier watch, which is one of the most affordable products of the brand (I believe the most affordable is Signature 1, which is another simple non-tourbillon product). It is equipped with a brand new internally made balance wheel. It is indeed a dignified, clear and easy-to-understand platinum watch that can still be immediately identified as Greubel Forsey.

The idea behind “Balancier” involves a single diagonally inclined balance wheel that serves as the visual center of the dial. Greubel Forsey Double Balancier is more complicated, sacrificing a lot of readability in order to maintain double balance display. However, Greubel Forsey Balancier upholds this philosophy and puts forward this philosophy purely while retaining the same level of high-quality finishes that the brand is known for.

Realizing the relatively simple beauty of the watch, Greubel Forsey fake decided to carefully hand polish, chamfer and finish the balance bridge and the entire watch, which is not surprising. Several highly polished surfaces on the dial are paired with frosted polished finishes on the hour and second hands, and the black and lacquered hour markers and numbers further emphasize this contrast. Only through individual trimming, Greubel Forsey’s hue here will definitely match the blue steel spear-like hand.

The white gold case of Greubel Forsey Balancier adopts the same asymmetrical design in many previous releases of the brand and immediately conveys the design DNA of the brand. The case is 43.5mm wide and has a hand-polished bezel. The sides of the case have lines along the vertical direction to help the dial layout achieve a three-dimensional effect. The case back itself is extensively engraved. Although it is certainly impressive, it is indeed a pleasure to see the movement that drives the watch to wind automatically.

This 37-jewel movement provides a power reserve of 72 hours when fully wound, and consists of 269 parts. The double barrel (one of which is equipped with a sliding spring to avoid excessive tension) supports stable operation at 21,600vph. Greubel Forsey also decided to apply a series of impressive finishes to the movement, combining frosted and spotted bridges with polished grooves and counterbore. Again, this is something I would love to see from the back of the case, but I found it nothing to worry about, because the dial and four-handed layout are enough to make your head rotate when you appreciate this fake men watch.

Considering how dreamlike some of Greubel Forsey’s previous designs are, it is really refreshing to ask them to step back and implement a timepiece that focuses on simple visual concepts. It is difficult and difficult to perform highly complex tasks proficiently, and achieving beauty in simplicity is almost as difficult, and I found Greubel Forsey Balancier just to show that the brand is leading their games in both cases.

The Greubel Forsey Balancier watch is still Greubel Forsey without a doubt. Although I can’t see myself wearing it on my wrist anytime soon, its price is much lower than many typical products of the brand. The white gold Greubel Forsey Balancier watch comes with a hand-stitched black alligator strap.