Jacob & Co Astronomy Solar

It is an Astronomia Solar watch produced by best Jacob & Co. It is so beautiful, exquisite and weird, I just need to own it.

Astronomia Solar is part of the Grand Complication Masterpieces series, which has several incredibly unique designs, and the price has risen to more than seven figures! This special watch comes with an 18k rose gold outline case with a thickness of 21mm. For those who are not familiar with clocks and watches, it is absurd and necessary to accommodate the many complexities brought about by this kind of artwork. There is a citrine representing the sun in the middle of the dial. The other three gems represent other planets: amethyst, garnet and smoked quartz. Finally, there is a globe made of rose gold and blue paint. All planets revolve around the sun, which makes your wrist look beautiful. The base of the watch is decorated like the night sky, and the rest of the planets are also painted, rotating once every ten minutes.

Indeed, this is a hugely complex event, and it must be one of the most expensive conversation starters ever. To be honest, I don’t see myself wearing it often. Maybe a tuxedo and an unhealthy splendor are needed for formal occasions. Other than that, I would be satisfied to sit in a dark room with a glass of wine in my hand, and when I stared at the astronomer Solar Company unabashedly, some greens were playing in the background.