Patek Philippe 5396G

The story of two giants: Tiffany & Co’s Patek Philippe 5396G

Patek Philippe and Tiffany & Co may be the strongest partners in the watch industry. Add a simple “Tiffany & Co” text to the Patek Philippe dial, and the value of the watch may be several times higher than the price without it. Since 1851, these two brands have been working hand in hand, representing the pursuit of quality. Tiffany&Co is currently the only co-brand of Patek Philippe.

5396G-012 is a limited edition of 18k white gold annual calendar. Patek Philippe invented the almanac complication, which is a special feature of Patek Philippe. This makes it a suitable model for tributes like this one. It is powered by the 324 S QA LU 24H movement, which uses the same movement as the conventional production movement. The movement has a 35-minimum-maximum 45-hour power reserve (yes, Patek Philippe lists a variable specification for this), a Gyromax balance wheel that provides shock protection, and an antimagnetic silicon Spiromax hairspring. This is a timeless watch, but it is powered by an advanced and completely modern movement.

The white gold case is crisp and balanced, with a diameter of 38 mm and a thickness of 11.5 mm. For a watch, its ratio is almost perfect, and considering the complexity of its interior, its ratio is even higher. Although there are no particular cases, I think this is a good thing. Simple and refined. Sometimes, stylish lugs and towering bezels can be distracting. Compared with the other 5396, the only update of this case is the transparent case engraved on the back of the case, which is engraved with “Patek Philippe – Common Vision – 2008-2013 – Tiffany & Co”. The constraints on the case make the star on the dial shine.

The dial is completely different from the standard 5396G. The latter chose dark black instead of silver opacity, and replaced the baton with platinum gue numbers. I prefer this combination, and I think it can make the buttons more traditional. However, it is traditionally the luminous treatment of the hands and external hour markers. Lume is rarely seen on Patek Philippe’s complicated watches.

Although it does not necessarily complement the classic atmosphere, its charm will ultimately make this watch more comfortable to wear during the day and night and increase readability. The day, month, date and 24-hour display remain basically unchanged, but the moon phase is inverted and the display faces 6 o’clock. This adjustment of the moon phase position seeks a chase for the “Tiffany & Co” stamp.

The simple stamp on the dial seems to be just a small part of the watch, but considering the brand and the rarity of doing so, it quickly became clear why it was so fascinating. Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe) and Tiffany (Tiffany & Co) joint dials represent two giants in their respective industries and countries, celebrating excellence together.

This Discount fake watch is very suitable for use as a regular production model due to its excellent design, but considering all the other factors surrounding this watch, it can be overwhelming. This is one tenth made by Patek Philippe to celebrate the first boutique in the United States. It is part of a nearly 200-year partnership between two top luxury brands in the world. This watch became the Holy Grail in the second second after its release, and I can’t even imagine how ideal this watch will become in a few decades.