Jacob & Co. Astronomical solar watch

Million dollar Shopping fake watches of the Jacob & Co family In today’s life, there may not be any item that has a great difference in value like a clock. Some watches are extremely low in value, and some are worth more than one person’s property. If you say Patek Philippe watches, Rolex is the dream of countless people all over the world, because the value of Rolex is very high compared with ordinary items, as high as hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Jacob & Co’s watches are worth millions of dollars or more.

At this year’s Baselworld 2018, Jacob & Co will show fans its latest watches as usual and make sure that no one will miss such an amazingly valuable watch.

First of all, there are many designs in the Astronomia series. Among its already outstanding designs, the most outstanding may be the Astronomia series, which has a rotating disc system on the dial. Each version will be set with diamonds or have a different special design.

This design is inspired by the novel “Thousands of Miles Under the Sea” by writer Jules Verne, which features a large octopus in the center of the dial.

Some watch models are exclusive, inlaid with sparkling diamonds and gems. Jacob & Co billionaire watches come in two models, with a total diamond weight of 260 carats.

From the dial to the bezel, there are also round dials covered with gemstones, as well as some open-minded watches, highlighting the exquisite and elegant internal tourbillon movement.

The SF24 tourbillon is another special collection. It has a very special world time mechanism, and the city time zone is displayed with a very unique watch flip mechanism.



Black Ceramic; Sapphire Apertures on Sides Case Back: Black Ceramic; Bows.
Manufacture Jacob & Co. Manual Winding JCAM18
30m (ISO 2281).

Jacob & Co. Astronomical solar watch with rotating planet

Jacob & Co. launched the first Astronomia watch-the sky on the wrist is unobstructed. Since then, the brand has improved the astronomy series time and time again, launching a sophisticated version-but it is the latest model released at BaselWorld 2017 and has attracted much attention. The Jacob & Co. Astronomia Solar watch is the ultimate solar system, constantly rotating beauty.

Main features of Jacob & Co. Astronomy Solar Watch

Be self-supporting, because it’s a bit technical, but it’s well worth reading. The production time of the latest Jacobs astronomical solar watch powered by the new movement is two years. It depicts eight planets on the dial: a three-dimensional hand-carved globe engraved with the earth, as well as Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus. There is also a 1.5 carat lemon lemon yellow with a weight of 288 sides that can depict the sun.

What makes these planets even more interesting is that they are constantly spinning like our solar system. We will bring you more information immediately. But first, go back to the watch in addition to providing a description of the solar system. Watch description: hours and minutes on the sub-dial (sapphire); 60 seconds two-way flying tourbillon; 60 seconds to rotate the earth and perform two-way movement.

The movement of the Jacob & Co. Astronomer Solar Watch

The bidirectional movement composed of 439 parts can rotate clockwise in just 10 minutes to complete a full 360 degree rotation, while its attractive Venus base can rotate 360 ​​degrees counterclockwise in 10 minutes-ensuring a continuous orbit of the planet . Jacob&Co. caliber JCAM19 is equipped with 3 arms:Review watches fake

The first arm supports the hour and minute hands made of sapphire, which rotate counterclockwise to ensure that the 12 o’clock is always in the correct position, regardless of where the sub-dial is, thanks to the patented differential system.

The second arm holds two shafts (10 minutes / 60 seconds) gravity flying tourbillon, and its cage is decorated with the Jacob & Co. logo.

The third hand holds a hand-shaped globe engraved with the earth, which rotates on its own axis in 60 seconds, and completes a full rotation of the dial in 10 minutes. The two-way movement rotates clockwise, and it takes only ten minutes to complete a full 360-degree rotation. The Tanglin base rotates in the opposite direction at exactly the same speed, thus forming an accelerated, stylized view of the solar system. As part of the assembly, there are auxiliary hour and minute hands and a one-minute flying tourbillon. The case size of 44.5mm is smaller than other Astronomia fake watches, but it is the perfect case for the movement and its rotating technique. The manual winding movement JCAM19 has a beating frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour), which is faster than any other astronomical model.

Jacob & CO. Astronomia solar watch technical specifications :


Diameter: 44.5mm
Material: 18 carat rose gold watch
Back cover: 18 carat rose gold
Case middle: single sapphire crystal
Bowknot: winding and time setting through two 18-carat rose gold bowknots. Crystal: unique hemispherical sapphire with double anti-reflection function. Reflective treatment. Waterproof depth: 30 meters.

Caliber: Jacob & Co. In-house manual winding caliber JCAM19 diameter: 34.55 mm
Height: 16.50 mm (11.70 mm without garnet)
Composition: 447 excluding gems
Power reserve: 48 hours
Frequency: 28,800 V/H (4 Hz)
Jewelry: 43

Hour and minute hands on the sub-dial
60 seconds flying tourbillon dual axis
Rotate the earth in 60 seconds
The bidirectional movement rotates 360 degrees clockwise in 10 minutes, and the Tanglin base rotates 360 degrees counterclockwise in 10 minutes

Dial and hands
Dial: rose gold metallized sapphire crystal hands: Gun blue

Strap and buckle
Strap: Alligator leather watch
Buckle: 18 carat rose gold folding clasp