Blancpain Villeret enamel dial and 8-day power watch

As an announcement before the Basel International Wholesale Watch and Jewellery Show in 2014, Blancpain will release a lovely new dress watch, called Villeret for short, which we believe is suitable for the rare category of formal timepieces worn daily. A watch used as a regular daily-wear watch must successfully combine a variety of styles, convenience, comfort, and practicality. Most of these timepieces are sports watches, while everyday wearable watches like Rolex Datejust or President are rare. So why is the attractive 2014 Villeret a good choice for everyday use?

First of all, the watch starts with the new movement “Caliber 1335” of the 2014 Blancpain movement. The movement is based on the 1315 movement, which Blancpain uses in most of its three-hand movements. We recently introduced the hands-on practice of replica Blancpain Fifty Fat using the 1315 movement, which has a 5-day power reserve. Blancpain has not provided a lot of details about the 1335, but as far as I know, it is almost related to the upgraded power reserve of the same movement. These five days have now been upgraded to a total of eight days. This raises it to a new level, thereby increasing the total power reserve for a week. This is the basis for the automatic existence of time and date.

The 42mm wide Villeret will be offered in 18k rose gold in a relatively thin case. More importantly, the dial is entirely made of Grand Feu enamel. Compared to lacquered dials, lacquered dials are more unique and look more like batter-this is a more affordable way to provide similar styles in most other watches. The enamel dial must be baked separately at a high temperature so that the color can be permanently set. Enamel dials are often very attractive, and in works like Villeret, this is indeed what you want to see on your wrist every day related to names like Blancpain.

The dial is elegant and simple. When not considering everyone’s taste, when considering its more formal timing, the pure white Blancpain is elegant. The traditional leaf-style gold straps blend them together, and they are very attractive to those who want general-purpose wearable watches that somehow have the reputation of brand-name actual watch manufacturers.

The brown alligator leather strap matches the Blancpain Villeret case. In order to make it more fashionable, you can easily use it with the black strap. It is not clear what other versions of Villeret Blancpain Villeret replica intends to release this year in 2014. Overall, Blancpain DNA has a conservative and handsome design, durable self-made movement and convenient functions, which is a good choice for the brand.