Hublot releases new Big Bang tourbillon automatic orange sapphire

The art of fusion has carried out a double effort on the limit of possible and reached a new height

Transparent, black, yellow, blue, red-replica Hublot has mastered the creation and processing of sapphire with its case exclusive tones. With the new Big Bang Tourbillon self-winding orange sapphire, the brand once again won the world number one by adding a new color to its transparent sapphire palette. This unprecedented technical and aesthetic achievement is combined with a new tourbillon movement, which is not only equipped with automatic winding (a rare tourbillon), but also uses a redesigned architecture, with micro-rotors and three sapphires visible on the dial side bridge. Limited to 50 pieces, a new fusion of boldness and transparency.

Adhering to its winning spirit, Hublot launched the world’s first orange sapphire case, thus carrying out a new extraordinary innovation. Our manufacturer also reaffirmed its watchmaking expertise by presenting a new automatic tourbillon movement entirely designed and manufactured in-house. Its spectacular visible dial side structure highlights the innovative design of the watch. According to Hublot, all the glory of “fusion art”.

Orange sapphire, the world’s first

If in a certain field, Hublot’s unique “fusion art” is expressed in its bold and radiant form, it is definitely a cutting-edge material, especially artificial sapphire. Over the years, the brand (with its own metallurgical and materials laboratory) has released many outstanding watches, with sapphire cases and dials available in novel colors and transparent settings for complex mechanics, such as Big Bang Unico Sapphire (transparent), all black sapphire, Big Bang Unico red sapphire and blue sapphire, and the most recent Big Bang yellow sapphire spirit.

Today, Hublot continues to innovate through this extraordinary material, reinterpreting the Big Bang sapphire tourbillon with a new orange hue. This is the world’s first dyed sapphire, thanks to the ingenious use of titanium and chromium. In the manufacturing process. This amazing dynamic color breathes fresh air into the haute watchmaking industry and is perfectly integrated with Hublot’s excellent culture.

The technical tone of six H-shaped titanium screws enhances the charm of the translucent bezel and the delicately polished orange sapphire case, which is characteristic of the iconic Big Bang design. Culture of excellence. Sale Swiss Luxury watches

New self-winding tourbillon movement

A revolutionary case with an innovative movement. Hublot demonstrated its unparalleled watchmaking technology and the exquisite tourbillon technology that has been continuously developed since 2007 by accommodating a brand new tourbillon movement in the center of the orange sapphire. The movement is completely designed and produced by the brand. Unlike the traditional tourbillon movement equipped with manual winding device, this excellent movement has a power reserve of at least three days (72 hours) with its automatic winding system, so it is famous all over the world, which is very important for the wearer. Significant improvement. It is equipped with ceramic ball bearings and adopts Hublot’s latest technological advancements in its winding system. The manufacturer also reiterated its uniqueness by remaking the overall structure of the movement so that the miniature dial is visible from the dial side.

This innovative layout not only brings additional technical challenges to the designer, but also brings new vitality to the aesthetics by enhancing the spectacular appearance and very modern design of the dial. The gimbal movement of the miniature tourbillon at 12 o’clock corresponds to the rotation of the tourbillon, and the adjustment mechanism of the tourbillon is completely symmetrical at 6 o’clock. The grey 22-carat golden miniature tourbillon is eye-catching through the exquisite decoration (bevel, daylight brush and sandblasting) and the iconic Hublot cutout in precious metals.

Hublot also continues to pursue transparency by using more sapphires in the movement itself. The manufacturing movement of the Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Orange Sapphire is equipped with three sapphire bridges for the first time-a barrel bridge, an automatic bridge and a tourbillon hairpin. The hollowed and polished platinum highlights the lightweight effect of the skeleton work. The tourbillon cage at six o’clock rotates once a minute to compensate for the pull of the earth in the direction of the movement. Its pure geometric shape is unique, allowing you to get a glimpse of the mechanical heart of the model. The hands and dial with luminous coating enhance the clarity of the open dial. Interchangeability system and titanium unfolding clasp-complete the cutting-edge appearance of this limited edition.