The new Breitling ENDURANCE PRO watch series

As the official British retailer of cheap Breitling watches, here at Berry’s Jewellers, we are very pleased to present the release of the new Breitling Endurance Pro series-a series of sports watches suitable for athletes and sports professionals. Breitling’s unique thermally compensated SuperQuartz™ movement provides unparalleled precision, a lightweight case that can be worn by the hour, full of power, and draws the beauty of 1970s timepieces from the manufacturer’s historical catalog. The colorful watches are the icing on the cake.

Breitling may be your first attempt to buy an Endurance Pro watch. On the other hand, you can add this luxury sports watch to the already well-established collection of Breitling watches. Either way, it is a timepiece suitable for any novice, because whether you are a loyal athlete or a casual watch enthusiast, you can take advantage of its many features. Breitling perfectly bridges the gap between the two.

You can use a watch if you are a participant in a triathlon or regularly participate in rigorous exercise in a local gymnasium. A professional, even if its name implies other aspects, does not necessarily have to be. In fact, the name “Professional” refers to the professional series to which it belongs. Breitling’s Professional series provides adventurers with a large number of timepieces.

In the past, Breitling worked with Italy’s Giro d’Ital and Tour de France, as well as legendary cyclists Gino Bartali and Fausto Coppi, to consolidate its passion and interest in the sports industry. cheap Breitling Endurance Pro still focuses on precise instruments for the wrists of competitors in IRONMAN® and triathlon competitions. It is a high-performance watch optimized for cycling, running and swimming, because these sports are also sports that can be enjoyed by individuals. Exercise at your own pace, regardless of fitness level.

As mentioned earlier, the Breitling Endurance Pro watch series belong to the Professional series. Each watch in this series uses one of the brand’s SuperQuartz™ movements, which is ten times more accurate than standard quartz movements. The model is also based on a Breitling Spirit watch from the 1970s, which combines a pulsimeter function with a very lightweight resin design.

The new Breitling Endurance Pro watch adopts the bright colors of this retro model, and is equipped with a black dial and a black two-way rotating bezel with the main compass point engraved on it. The inner bezel is the vivid color of your reference to the vivid pulsometer scale, echoing the rubber strap of the watch and the easy-to-hold molded crown.

Red, blue, orange, white or yellow variations enhance legibility and track your heart rate, while also adding an undeniable sense of movement to the rest of the design. The case of the Breitling Endurance Pro watch is made with the manufacturer’s Breitlight® technology-an ultra-light, thermally stable, non-magnetic, scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant material.

If you want to change the look of Endurance Pro on your wrist, you can also purchase the colored ECONYL® yarn NATO strap separately. For night use (or when referring to the watch in low light conditions), the use of Breitling’s Super-LumiNova technology will come in handy. The hour and minute hands have been processed in this coating, and the exquisite craftsmanship of the second hand is made into a red hand to distinguish it from the main hour markers. The chronograph placed in the 10-2-6 layout provides 30 minutes, 1/10 second and 1 second respectively.

There is no doubt that the 100-meter waterproof Endurance Pro watch is Breitling’s unique thoroughbred. This Breitling Professional watch can not only meet the personal needs of an active lifestyle, but also provide precision, accuracy and legibility on demand, using a durable steel quartz chronograph format, bringing a touch of color to the wrist. athlete.