Sale Breitling Navitimer 8

Breitling fake is a brand with more than 130 years of watch history. It is one of the major brands in Swiss-made watches and an official supplier to the aviation industry. As the inventors of modern chronographs, they are the only brand to equip all their major models with chronograph-certified movements, which is enviable.

However, nearly a year after the arrival of Breitling’s new CEO, Georges Kern, it seems that Breitling’s history has been rewritten again.

These new series are full of new vitality and make full use of their pioneering heritage. They are more modern and cleaner in design, ready to bring a new life to your watch wardrobe.

Enter the new Navitimer 8 series.

Whittle Aviation Department
Part of the inspiration for the new Navitimer 8 comes from the iconic Navitimer series in 1952. It is unique in that it lacks the famous aviation sliding ruler, which makes the dial cleaner and more elegant.

In order to find its real inspiration, we need to delve into the history of the brand. Dating back to 1938, the sole purpose of the Whitt Aviation Department within Breitling was to design the aircraft’s cockpit instruments. Translated from French; “Huit” means “8”, originally referring to the 8-day power reserve of its aircraft chronograph.

Tribute to the early Breitling pilot watches
Drawing on the design inspiration of early Breitling models, especially the retro dial and the notched bezel, you can see the historical influence of the work. The new series also borrowed the Breitling 768 “orbit” minute markers, elegant numbers and paired legibility. The key timepiece of the 1940s.

The new Navitimer 8 series not only recognizes its outstanding tradition, but also played a role in making chronographs during World War II, and is top-notch in terms of clean, retro styling. Moreover, as Kern arrived at Breitling HQ, marking the end of production of the brand’s quartz movements, all new models are equipped with chronometer-certified mechanical movements.

Navitimer 8 series
The Navitimer 8 series contains different styles and models, and each style and model has its own unique personality. buy beautiful replica watches

Aviation Timing 8 B01
Equipped with Breitling’s iconic internal movement calibre 01 self-winding movement, this Navitimer 8 B01 is a powerful chronograph with a striking retro style.

The details are clear at a glance:

-In-house Breitling-made movement 01 self-winding movement

-Contrast dial

-43mm case

-Waterproof 100m

-70 hours power reserve

Navitimer 8 Chronograph
The Navitimer 8 chronograph is a more accessible model than the B01. It is powered by a modified Valjoux movement, which is COSC certified with an accuracy of 1/4 second.

The details are clear at a glance:

-Caliber 13 self-winding movement

-Monochrome dial design

-43mm case

-Waterproof 100m

-42 hours power reserve

Navitimer 8 self-winding movement
The Navitimer 8 Automatic has a simple and concise appearance and is a direct descendant of the Breitling Pilot’s Watch in the 1930s and 1940s.

The details are clear at a glance:

-Caliber 17 self-winding movement

-41mm case

-Waterproof 100m

-40 hours power reserve