HYT H1 Azo Project

Debuted in 2012, the extraordinary H1 Titanium quickly attracted the attention of the young HYT watch company and its disruptive technology. At the end of the year, they won the GPHG Innovation Award. Their alien appearance and the taboo of liquids and clocks made a deep impression on their heads, and from that dramatic entrance, one of the most dynamic and successful independent watch brands The award-winning concept has been producing extraordinary changes.

Absolutely outstanding work, made of a large 48.8 mm translucent lime green Azo Polyepoxide resin case and black DLC titanium, with a clear crown guard and a rubber-coated crown, and is equipped with a domed sapphire The crystal and the three-dimensional features below make the HYT H1 Azo project unparalleled.

The HYT H1 Azo Project is centered on its unique technical tourbillon, which uses fluid and micro hydraulics to work in conjunction with a manual winding mechanical movement. It is the perfect execution of contemporary haute horology, and its aesthetics are unprecedented and completely fascinating technical complexity. .

Below the sapphire crystal, the black chapter ring around the edge of the dial area has been cut off. There are numbers and luminous hour markers on it, and lead to the hollow bare machine center. The minute hands and hour markers are located on the elevated black central dial of Super-LumiNova. The dial is located Between the turbine hub and the second hand with a single red accent, and the power reserve indicator on both sides.

Surrounding the chapter ring is an ultra-fine glass capillary tube through which replica HYT‘s proprietary hydraulic mechanical technology attracts bright green liquid around its luminous index.

When the two bellows in the lower half of the dial expand and contract, they remove twelve immiscible fluids (one of which is dyed in green, one A completely transparent color) pressed around the small tube. The hours cycle retrograde to display the hours. The fluids have different viscosities and are incompatible, which can prevent cross contamination.

At first glance, its unconventional and innovative methods of using traditional watchmaking and time display standards may seem unfamiliar, but its classic regulator configuration means intuitive, easy to understand, and difficult to resist.

The sapphire caseback on the back shows the superb HYT Calibre 101 manual-winding hydromechanical movement, as well as a view of the stripped back plate with horizontal Geneva stripes, the balance wheel and escapement, and the refined barrel and gear train. . Enter the upper part to accommodate a pair of rhodium-plated bellows. Fully wound, can provide 65 hours of power reserve.

With a length of 48.8 mm, the HYT H1 Azo Project is an incredible watch with unmatched performance on the wrist, but its light weight, short lugs, and a tightly fitting rubber strap can hold the wrist tightly. Part, so its size is really very comfortable.