Richard Mille 67-02 will use Alexander Zverev’s new competition field

Replica Richard Mille RM 67-02 McLaren Prototype Orange Women watch

RM 67-02 McLaren Prototype Orange

Case: Carbon,titanium,Tonneau
Case diameter : 47.52 x 38.70 mm
Thickness: 7.8 mm
GLASS: Sapphire
Dial: Skeletonized
Movement: Automatic
STRAP: Orange Textile
Year: 2021
BUCKLE: Folding Clasp
Water Resistance Depth: 30 m
Boxes: common box package without paper
FUNCTIONS: Hours,Minutes

Richard Mille 67-02 will use Alexander Zverev’s new competition field

An automatic caliber capable of handling any situation in top-level motion

Seventh Richard Mille internal caliber

32 grams of down jacket, with comfortable shoulder strap included, is the lightest view of Richard Leli Collection

Thin, lightweight, color, elegant and sports, RM 67-02 is a watch for any situation. Break with the precedent, Richard Mille designed this model so that it can adapt to various sports disciplines. That’s why several brands of partners have developed 67-02 tolerate in their colors in their respective countries to test this automatic caliber ability in a series of environments other than track and field tracks. With Tennisman, Alexander Zverev, RM 67-02 will now enter a new battlefield.

Alexander is not yet. 3 In the world, when the carbon TPT® and Red Quartztpt® are facing, the resistance of his RM 67-02 is tested, and the global tennis court will become a natural laboratory.

Although the RM 67-02 Alex Pinturaul is signed to the compatriots continues to have a harsh cold in the ski slope, the vibration received by Gats is designed to be a five-way world Rally champion, and the variants of Sébastienogier will join him. The stage of the Argentine rally. All of these models have retained CRMA7 caliber mechanical beauty, combining the 5-stage titanium of the bottom plate and the bridge and the white gold and carbon TPT® of the variable geometric rotor, as well as the excellent finishes. In addition to the comfort and comfort of the housing from the TPT® composite, these watches exaggerate the aesthetic polishing model of each sports image, which is easy to visible on the hand-painted 5-stage titanium sheet. For the advanced wearing enjoyment of RM 67-02 RM, Richard Mille is equipped with these time metering with their new “comfortable” band. It is completely seamless, and the strap is strong, so that it is completely suitable for the contour of each wrist and adapts to each form.

Two unique prototypes of RM 67-02 are currently exploring formula 1 circuits. Rookie Charles Leclerc and Fernando Alonso are wearing them, they all allow brands to test new technical solutions for their future models.

Since the launch of the brand to its cheap swiss watches, Richard Mille is also known as the Great Sports Champion’s wrist – Felipe Massa at the Level 1 Equation 1, Rafael Nadal and Alexander Zverev in Tennis, Bubba Watson in Golf Course, Alex Purdon on the ski slope.

As early as 2013, the brand seized the opportunity to use with the teeth of the Tourbillon watch made of carbon nanotube composites, in the form of unsmarks as revolutionary ergonomics. The Richard Mille’s Leitmotif has started to open a watch in the peak and partner of our respective disciplines, and the brand is good at sports.

In more than 70 models in RM collected to date, you can find a watch designed for Retas, and other products made in Sébastienlob specifically for rally, or POLO Player Pablo Mac Doolough.

RM 67-02 Automatic Alexander Zverev is loyal to this philosophy. For his latest increase, Richard Mille wants to update Super RM 67-01 by increasing the quality of exercise for its rare elegance. The development engineer has obtained a single directive to follow: Create a watch to ensure that the demand required for athletes and his sports practices, the requirements of his athletes and his sports practices are crucial important. Mies Van Der Rohe approved the celebration of the formula “less” more annoying to describe his enthusiasm, suitable for the perfect accuracy of RM 67-02: All more over-substantial edges.

Carbon TPT® and red Quartztpt® strip band
Quartztpt® consists of 600 multi-layer parallel filaments separated from silica threads. These layers, no thickness of 45 microns, saturation in the red resin and then use the automatic positioning system between the layers, the automatic positioning system changes the fibers in the direction between each layer 45 °.

Gear teeth profile
CRMA7 Caliber’s entire training uses special analysis to produce a 20 ° pressure angle of teeth. This provides excellent torque transmission for the balance wheel, thereby ensuring advanced programming performance.

Calible crma7.
The seventh design of the swiss Richard Mille caliber is processed in the 5th grade titanium alloy. Each aspect of this mechanism is subjected to separation and extensive verification tests to ensure optimum strength.

Dynamic case
These decays are characteristics of Richard Mille sports parts, separating them from lifestyle models while strengthening their structure.

Comfort strap
This brand has developed this new elastic strap, called the “comfortable” band, especially the watch worker wearing the swiss Richard Mille family. It provides an alternative to Velcro® to make it easier. This enhanced elasticity of this complete seamless and anti-skating belt allows it to fully adapt to the contour of each wrist, adapt to separate forms, and even further improve comfort.

There are a few hours, a few minutes. Due to the important means deployed in its production, its innovation lies other places, mainly its light and resistance. Since the fiber curve of the crystal / shell / bucket assembly is protruding, the housing made of carbon TPT® and red quartz TPT®-Composite material is protected by carbon TPT® and red Quartztpt®-Composite materials. Solden curves of the crystal / shell / bucket / bucket assembly are ensured.

At the heart of this watch, all possible patients practicing for senior tennis are ready, defeating the seventh internal caliber, CRMA7, especially tight, fine grinding lines. Silver-plated rotor, pushed 5-stage titanium movement from carbon TPT® and platinum. The substrate and bridges made in the material are given a black and gray DLC coating. When programming and calibrating the machine, it takes hundreds of hours to take at least two hours of milling to create extreme bone skeletation of a single bottom plate.

The teeth of the gears use a highly raw gravity analysis to ensure optimum power transfer from the barrel to the variable inertial balance wheel to achieve its 50 hours of run time. The movement of the movement is complementary by the dial, which is a processed from a titanium titanium, and then completed with a black DLC coating, and coated with the color of the motherland representing the athlete.

The extreme wearer in RM 67-02 comfortable exploration is the driving force behind the new comfort band. If its strap does not conform to its case, there is no watch worth name “Sports Watch”. It is completely seamless, with a strap non-slip and super elastic quality to perfectly suit each wrist by adapting to a separate form. The unprecedented brightness of this strap makes the weight of RM 67-02 fall to 32 grams to make it the lightest automatic watch in the Richard Mille series.