Bremont and Kingsman cooperation: Secret service

In WalkobSsSions, our Fox Movie Fisher in the 20th Century: Secret Service is very excited. Bremont released a beautiful limited edition this week, recently announced that they cooperated with Kingsman: the secret service of the upcoming movie to provide watches (released in January 2015) will see release in September Two watches of this movie production.

These two Bremont watches have an overall movie. Each certified Kingsman agent is equipped with a Rose Gold Time Code Table Bremont watch, while the interns recruited a black invisible chronograph on the NATO strap. Like each secret agent, the watch is the key partner of their Arsenal. This job always has a watch producer, and we really look forward to seeing what Elemont has done for Jinman agents.

Interview with Bremont Joint Founder, Nick English

Bremont copy was founded in 2002 by Chris Brothers and Gilles English. English Table Company, Bremont combines flying enthusiasm with accurate timekeeping. Determined to become a leader in the watch industry, Bremont watches are known for their precision and durability, prove that many of the preferred watches in the aviation industry.

Compared with other pilot watches, it sets the Bremont watch?

There are some lovely pilot watches in the market. I think the main reason for the Raymond from other brands from the department is our truly enthusiasm and understanding of aviation aviation. We are firm believers. If the form is correct, the function will follow – similar to so much iconic aircraft in the past, we are not only beautiful and very effective. Bremont is not about fashion or the latest trend, which is about producing a beautiful British clock, which will pass the time test. Bremont is inspired by wonderful projects, the watch produced from the UK seminar is very clear, and from our aviation partners, such as Boeing and jet seats, Martin – Baker.

You obviously have strong enthusiasm for both watches and flights. Why do those people who have passion for fake replica watches often enthusiastically, and vice versa? How to overlap these two passion?

Ordinary drivers here is the truly appreciation of the beautiful design and design of mechanical equipment. Here is a common topic with values ​​placed on a beautiful manufacturing machine that is designed and constructed. Theoretically a plane, as well as it maintains the right aircraft, should last for a hundred years – our flight airplane 85 years old (!) Equally applicable to the frequently serving mechanical timer – if the service is served, it will last for a few life .

The watch has always played a key role in the history of pilot navigation and the aircraft until 20 years ago, you will use the map, compass and your trusted robotic watch in air. Time and flight are always connected.

The reasoning behind the name “swiss Bremont” is a great story. Can you tell us how the reader’s name is what appears?

Our surname is English, the British watch brand with the UK on the dial, not only is it difficult to trademark, but also a little obvious. We also don’t want to revive the brand from the past. Bremont is new and has its own values.

Since it took a year, the incident occurred in 1995, there was a year in 1995. Gilles and I have returned to the air, flying over the old German biplane, when the harsh weather is forced to carry out emergency landing. We landed in a field in northern France and has an old farmer. For example, if you prevent landing in England or the United States, you know that you can apologize for a bottle of whiskey, but in France, this is a bureaucratic parties involving a lot of instruments!

Fortunately, in this occasion, the farmers helped us out, we push the plane into his barn, waiting for a few days in the weather. His passion in life not only reminds our own father, but he is also a former war pilot, but also a passionate gilles and me on aircraft and machinery. He chose a series of recovered wall clocks, he wearing a special watch – people gave him by his father.

His name is Antoine fake Bremont, which is a place from the name.