Richard Mille RM27-02 Rafael Nadal Watch has new quartz TPT case

This is, the first Richard Mille is watching in quartz. No, not based on the movement of quartz crystals, but, it is quartz case. This is Richard Mille RM27-02 (27-02 RM 27-02) Tyeling Rafael Nadal, combined with carbon and quartz material, because Northern thinboard technology is again produced by Tracted Mille of high-end supervision agencies. Why produce a very high luxury watch in a complex quartz filament laminate? If you need to ask, it is clear that you haven’t followed the material type of Richard Mille in the past few years. So let us discuss why many luxury watches look like toys, QTPT is what, while Richard Mille and Mr. Natar and Nadal.

You may also pay attention to the new Richard Mille (RM27-02) observation is part of the Rafael Nadal Watch Collection – part of the star tennis player returned by 2010. When the first Richard Miller RM 027 watch comes out, it is a bit media feeling. Observer is rare, but when Richard Mille takes Rafael Nadal as a brand ambassador, the unique fact is Raffael Nadal wearing a Richard Mille watch when playing professional tennis. In addition to playing games with more than $ 500,000 to play games, it is fascinated by people’s thoughts, worried that the additional project on Nadal wrists will affect his game.

Fortunately, for Rafael Nadal (Richard Mille), Ultra-Light Richard Mille RM 027 did not prevent his victory stripes in its lithium-alloy case (the lightest) at the moment. Since the original Richard Raffier Nadal Nadal deight is a limited version, it is clear, this is the establishment of something, the most famous super luxury watch manufacturer in Switzerland decided to make Rafael Nadal to watch the brand’s permanent section.

Look at some of the more modern Richard Relle (RM27) reveals a distinctive original, it is smaller in the black case on the black belt, wake up. Suddenly, Rachael Nadal replica watches review Collection came out, in addition to a wake-up black model, Richard Mille began to add a bright color. Is this an accident? Maybe. In the past few years, some of the unique sports watches in the world have always been combined with super high prices with super leisure colors. Mega Sports Watch becomes a Mega casual watch that avoids precious materials and conservative styles to get a playful fun.

With strange color cases and bright orange fabric straps, Richard Mille RM27-02 Rafael Nadal looks more than the Bao Toy. It should be interesting and fresh, not full of heat and selfishness. Richard Mille Watch Garner So many comments from traditional viewing collectors – Many opinions are negative, from my perspective, many bad feelings from Richard Mille (and other brands) “unattractive mechanical watch carefully .”what does that mean? Well, Richard Mille watches are serious mechanical equipment, so it is not their quality or performance. Instead, this problem is different from Richard Mille, unlike some more conservative brands, it seems to ignore their watches so expensive concept, but it is not designed like traditional watches, meaning “respect”. Consider the response to the Color Limited Edition Richard Mille RM60-10 Automatic Anti-excited Time Code Les Voiles de St. Barth Watch.

This is an interesting phenomenon, as well as what I understand. It has a lot of things, these items are very expensive, suitable for the world’s elite small audience. Richard Mille as a brand strategy is not mainstream, but it doesn’t mind the mainstream call. Although you get a lot of people think that your product is cool, then you will ask a little hostility when you get a big price from most people. However, Richard Mille has a different plan, which provides a highly exclusive project for a population statistics, which does not want to take their luxury goods too serious, and hope to be full of fun with it. Yes, in a sense, it is about being able to celebrate excessive things, when you afford it, this is interesting – when you can’t be frustrated.

So the idea behind the color watch, such as Richard Mille RM27-02 Rainbillon Rafael Nadal offers casual clothing for people with a lot of disposable income. Richard Mille is like a champion. So returning to this quartz TPT (QTPT) material … What is it? Do you recall the Richard Mille NTPT carbon cassette material, now there is now more and more Richard Mille watches? I am another version of the Richard Mille RM 35-01 Rafael Nadpt Carbin Walls Ober-on Pers-on Pers-In The Nadal Series, which is completely out of unique industrial materials. This process uses microextile carbon creates the appearance of Damasylglass style.

Richard Mille RF27-02 Rafael Nadal Chink uses carbon and new quartz silk materials, which are produced by NTPT (North thin layer technology) in Switzerland. These materials are NTPT modifications for high performance racing and industrial purposes. It means very light and strong, and also resists a range of environmental hazards. These quartz and carbon materials are further designed to “visual effects” in Richard Miller.

Quartz TPT uses hundreds of very thin filaments, using quartz crystals and (in this case) mainly white resins. The filamentous layer is bonded, and then specifically cut to produce the desired wood grain effect. The Quartz TPT is used for the front and back, while NTPT carbon (wood texture produced in a similar manner) is used for the intermediate portion of the housing. Richard Mille RM27-02 Rafael Nadal quartz TPT brand is also a production technology that uses a case of a watch as a movement of the actual backplane.

On the wrist, Richard Mille RF27-02 Rafael Nadal is 39.70 mm wide, 47.77 mm high. The housing is also 12.25 mm thick. It is also connected in orange fabric magic stickers (once again, those interesting and fashionable people, but this does not convey the traditional luxury, which is usually considered part of a series of good and precious materials). The inside of the watch is the manual wound movement of Richard Miller Touring. Through a new set of bridge design, it is mainly black sports, with lovely 3D design and provides time. This movement further has a 70-hour power reserve and runs on 3Hz. Sports view should also be very interesting to quartz TPT backplane.

Tennis in the Richard Mille Rafael Nadal watches have a small tribute. In the case of participating in this move, the brand has his heart even in the world of the car racing. Love or not, you must provide the unique material and design of the world’s unique material and design for Richard Mille, which helps add some colors and fun to the industry at these price levels.