Urwerk X Hour Glass

Urwerk swiss is in the form of an hour glass in the form of original tabular creation, today. Watch Manufacturers pay tribute to its Singaporean partner for 15 years. “Bronze also marked the lapse of time,” Joint founder of Urwerk, Martinfi, pointed out. “It will leave its mark every hour, create a living copper green.”

“Congratulations to the 40 South! For forty years, you can highlight our mechanical skills through enthusiasm and expertise, highlight our mechanical skills, highlighting for more than 40 years. Years, you have promoted goalkeeper Working with the collectors’ exhibitions, dinner and other activities. Whether it is an independent guardian or a major brand, you are standing by your partners and supporting their support. To this end, we owe you sincere gratitude, “urwerk Fabi Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei said.

This unique watch has the symbolic time of Urwerk presents the Urwerk model in the new case. Some design features during the association with hours of the hour: the shape of the sapphire glass recalls the launching UR-103 series of shape partnership 15 years ago . The applied crown comes from the UR-200 series, and the super aluminum has borrowed from the UR-105. Celebrating a successful partnership is more suitable for reminding people to remind the best-selling book?

In terms of technology, this series of UR-105 models provide satellite moist in open rotating wood. Each of the four arms of the rotating Trojans has a three-hour satellite. The hour number passes along a minute, gives the time of numbers and simulation indications. The power reserve indicator and the digital seconds constitute the remaining information on the dial. Digital seconds are significant because they represent a few seconds. The mechanism is manufactured using a photolithography process, and each tag is open to make it as light as possible. Therefore, the weight is less than one tenth gram.

On the back of the watch, two pneumatic turbines control self-wound rates and can be set with lever. In full position, the slight movement of the wrist is used to retrore the bucket spring. Return the lever to stop from the self-winding system and use the crown to roll up UR-105. If you are particularly valid, select the middle position, red (decrease). This is bonded to the turbine to suppress winding rotors to avoid filters. replica watches for sale