Richard Mille RM 69 Erotic Tourbillon

The RM 69 erotic tourbillon is the latest product of the incomparable Richard Mille, displaying random information ranging from suggestive to sensuality when activated.

Erotic watches have a long history in the watch industry, dating back to pocket watches hundreds of years ago, and small characters are doing naughty things. Richard Mille reinterpreted traditional erotic timepieces in a less vivid, perhaps more subtle way. The RM 69 erotic tourbillon does not depict this behavior, but instead relies on three scroll wheels that display random combinations of words that together constitute an intoxicating statement. The button at ten o’clock activates the roller, which rotates briefly like the turntable of a slot machine, and then rolls halfway. The eight o’clock button can be rotated so as not to obscure the message.

Below the roller is the tourbillon adjuster. In all fake Richard Mille tourbillons (manufactured by Renaud & Papi, a subsidiary of Audemars Piguet), the typical tourbillon has a titanium balance wheel with balanced gold screws on its rim. The rest of the movement is also Richard Mille (Richard Mille). All bridges and base plates are coated with matte black coating. Spline screws replace spline screws.

On the right side of the tourbillon is the power reserve indicator. White indicates sufficient power and red indicates that the watch needs to be wound. The power reserve of the hand-wound movement is approximately 69 hours.

The titanium case of the RM 69 is 50 mm long, 42.7 mm wide, and 16.15 mm thick. The size is almost the same as the RM011. The tourbillon is superimposed on the barrel. For technicians, the extraordinary structure of the movement is worth noting: the barrel is directly below the tourbillon, and both share the same central axis. This means that the timing part of the movement (barrel, regulator and gear train) is pressed into the lower part of the movement. The compact structure means that the movement has enough room for other complications, whether sexy or not.

Although the structure of the movement is novel and ingenious, the erotic complexity has matured in comics. But considering that billionaires are the average customer of fake Richard Mille, this makes sense.