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MB & F Traditional Machine Flight T Lapis Lazuli

MB & F Traditional Machine Flight T Lapis Lazuli is the latest female creation of Switzerland Mart. This new model wearing diamonds and lapis lazuli, is a beautiful, highly original and rich mechanical virtue.

Human imagination is reduced with age. Sadly, young optimism and amazing feelings always turn into a mediocrity and resignation. Fortunately, no one tells Maxbüsser and friends, they have never lost their young curiosity or succumb to middle-age conservatism.

MB & F was established in 2005 (2007), which launched the first watch, HM1. The name, the abbreviation of “watch machine” is assigned to an unusual watch, which is four buckets, the first one. The gyrpen is located in the center stage, the most endlessly, it has nothing to do with anything else in the market. The latter aspect is part of the brand paradigm, although many additional watch machines are then released, MB & F continues to refuse aesthetic convention.

The other worldwatch machines are inspired by children’s novels, and more specifically is a science fiction. However, in 2011, the second set model was released, “legacy machine”, and now runs with the brand’s future deck machine.

LM1 has a protruding balance bridge that surrounds the dial arched (actually the base plate). Two subtots sit in two different places. In my opinion, this will be a cold heart and will not fall in love with LM1. This kind of emotion is shared by others, and eventually accepts two GPHG awards in 2012. It is undoubtedly doubtful through LM1, and the independent brand has released further legitors, including LM2, LM101, LM Perpetual, and the like.

In 2019, MB & F released its first ladies watch, the heritage machine flying T. A extraordinary dome blue gem crystal arc, almost kissing over the cloud, providing a room, tilted hours and a few minutes. Cases include sleeve, diamonds sitting on the top of the upper. Three versions have been launched at the time of launch, each version is present in platinum, and decorated with diamonds. Again, MB & F will be praised to this confused time, the brand is the 2019 GPHG in another award recipient in GPHG.

Now, high-end brands have released three extra variants in 2020. The two models avoid the diamonds, functional distortion dials on the existing model, and can choose red or platinum. The third mode, MB & F Traditional Machine Flying T Roapis Lazuli is my personal favorite. It is located in 18 carat, decorated with 120 diamonds and paired with Lapis lazuli dials and tilted hours and tiny displays. The other 48 diamonds decorated with the top of the buckle, the crown and the Tyrainian cage.

In short, fake MB & F traditional machine flying T Lapis lazuli is a high original, very decadent, beautiful decadence, and is a result of a precious friend who has never lost his dream.

Brand press release

Even the least predictable and large LED life observed from the distance can also form a mode and fall into the cycle. This is a basic truth, including all humanity of individual or collective. For Maximilianbüsser and MB & F, creative performance has seven-year cycle. It is the seventh year of MB & F, the traditional machine collection is born, that is, the first M.D.Gallery is open to Geneva, to create a door to MB & F.

The 14th year of MB & F has launched a new watch exploration avenue, founder and company’s creative skyline evolution: heritage machine flight, first launched in 2019, is the three-dimensional clockwork artwork of MB & F, dedicated to women.

Circular cases of gold or platinum have steep twill strades and slender lugs, usually fully set with diamonds. Highly raised sapphire crystal rolls rise from the border. At the dome, the dome of the various finished faces: liquid black, with stretched paint, Tutor, sparkle in Lapis lazuli, or sparkling white diamonds.

The asymmetry outdoor opening frame of the dial LM Flyingt Engine – a movie flying gyro, with a quiet rate of 2.5 Hz (18,000 Vph). The tettle wheel is higher than the rest of the engine, and the remaining column of the dynamic column is higher than the vertex of the sapphire crystal dome. The top of the top of the upper tetling wheel is a single large diamond, rotated at the same time and the flying gyrpen is simultaneously rotated, and the best quality stone is hot.

Location at 7 o’clock – another reference to the digital theme of the entire LM Flyingt – is a dial of a black or white lacquer (or lapis lazuli) showing a pair of elegant serpentine horses hours and minutes. The dial is tilted at 50 °, so that only the wearer read time, this is a prominent interconnected communication, highlighting the personal properties of LM Flying.

In the reverse, the automatic winding rotor uses the shape of the three-dimensional red golden sun, and the engraving light provides LM Flyingt, 4 days of power reserves. Fake Cheap watches

The design of the legacy flight is combined with the association of women in the life of Maximilianbüsser. Büsser said: “I hope that LM Flystt reflects women’s temperament in my life, especially my mother. It must combine the highest elegance and huge vitality. The columnar structure of the flying gournever is very important to me. Because I am very strongly believed that women form a human pillar. At the same time, there is another layer of meaning from the sun-shaped rotor, which contains the life of the life, and we tend to be with the surrounding source. “

Heritage machine flyingt launched three versions for the first time in 2019, all using platinum, with diamonds: black lacquer board box with a diamonded diamond; dial discs and cases are completely inlaid in proficiency diamonds; and dial discs and cases are cut with bread cut diamonds Fully set.

In 2020, LM Flyingt added three new references, first of all, the limited edition of their diamonds and red gold and platinum; now returned to a 16K white gold box with diamonds, in the dark blue lazuli There is a new dial.