Magnificent seiko hi-beat slgH005 “white birch”

May be one of the most impressive dials in 2021 …

The “Birch Tree” or “Shirakaba” in the early 2020 has given us a good impression, it is obviously what I am eager to see in the metal. This SLGH005 did not turn around, which represents what GS can do for its permanent classic collection. Mechanical nobles, re-designed language and brand traditional mergers, exquisite finishing and departure from this world. And in the office and we have this work review, only confirmed the content we imagined. So let’s take a closer look at this new big opera Hi-Beat Slgh005 birch tree.

This SLGH005 is a new reference in a brand collection, but it is not entirely a novelty. It is based on the existing foundation, which is introduced in the background of the 60th anniversary of Grand West, celebrated in March 2020. This SLGH005 is the first model in the permanent collection. Most importantly, the brand’s new automatic movement, innovative escapement, high-shot 9SA5. In the celebration with Jubilee, Grand Seiko did introduce this new movement, in the limited edition Gold Watch, refer to SLGH002 – here’s starting point, because we basically talk about the same watch here, just different materials and colors.

Then, it is still part of the 60th anniversary to collect, and Grand Seiko has introduced a stainless steel limited edition with blue dials, refer to SLGH003. Now there is SLGH005 birch, and there are both cases of design, which also appears in the brand directory of unrestricted companies. In addition, this is a new dialing … and what is it dial.

New magnificent fine work tap SLGH005
Regardless of the mixing of the birch tree is existing, it is still surprised. Creating innovative motion and providing it in a limited edition model. It produces it on a larger scale and adequately sufficient reliability and precision is another. Therefore, in addition to using SLGH005 to introduce new models, Grand Seiko is also sending Calibre 9SA5 and its double impulse, they are indeed manifesting in the real world. Innovation, innovation is not what you see in a magnificent Seiko.

So let’s start decrypt this new Grand Seiko Hi-Beat Slgh005. There are a lot of words to say, just because this watch has a lot of things. There is no forgotten part, this watch doesn’t matter, this will just let you say “Ok, let’s move to something else”, look at another detail. Cases, dial, hand and index, crystal, exercise, and even bracelets have stories. However, this may be excessive risk, but this is not. An important thing for this SLGH005 is also its consistency and consistency.

Let us start from the case. First, good news comes from the proportion. The diameter is 40mm, the height is 11.7mm, and the lump is 47mm. The classic size, disadvantage of the full round watches is even slightly less than the competitor, such as the Rolex DateJust 41. In addition, since the contour of the curved is pleasant, the thin shell belt (some heights and cases of crystal absorption) and the integrated fusion of the bracelet are very comfortable, and the watch is very comfortable and balanced. It “hug” the wrist is very good and will become a great daily partner.

Design wise, there is no doubt that you have no doubt. The SLGH005 birch tree is unprociable and is part of the design code of the big. However, just like the SLGH002 that introduces this situation, it feels modern, slightly different, and mainly very well. In the past few years, Daxing Seiko watches is always impressive, and the new generation will only increase this feeling. In this price range, the level of precision and details (but even in a higher range) is just amazing. The boundary line between brushing and polishing surface is completely clean, and it is perfect.

But it’s time to talk about a lot of transactions with SLGH005, its birch tree (or Shirakaba, if you want to play Japanese). It is now known that the grand seiko master texture dial, really starting with the snowflake watch. For this model, the brand is once again acquired from its manufactured environment, the dial is a reference to the forest that thrives in northern Japan, which is growing in the grand Seiko Studio Shizuishi.

First of all, I have to surprise me, dialing is not silver white, because I expect it to be based on news images. It has a strong metal, silver, and has a sparkling effect. There is no bad situation because it actually produces a coherence with the metal box and bracelet combination. This is just what I am looking forward to more matte, whitening things. The texture itself is impressive, carefully observed in a very detailed, thank you, wear it on the wrist and looks far away. From about one meter, it becomes less obvious. I believe this obvious and non-linear texture will not be the taste of everyone, but it really needs to see and experienced life in the metal to capture its true beauty. There is a certain poetry, a cold, slightly dramatic feeling, attracting your eyes …

The rest of the dial is a typical Opera, and it is impressive like textured bases. Once again, the hands and indexes are some of the best executions you found on the market, at least in the mainstream brand. You can search for … No one uses the same precision level within the SUB-10K range. Super sharp, a nearly perfect polishing ramp, the SLGH005’s hand and manufacturers are also slightly different from the previous model created by GS. They are even more bold, smaller, their shapes are more complicated.

A good point, although the whole silver color of the dial is still separated from the foundation, all daytime conditions are very good. Hand mirror polishing surface and labeled depression area, much help, because they move from bright white to almost black reflections, thus being separated from the base. At night, because this watch does not with light material, it is poor and easy to use. The only silver appearance to break this monochrome is the second hand, executed in the Blued steel, smoothly run on the dial. Sorry, I said it again, but this dial is absolutely amazing.

The Grand Seiko Hi-Beat Slgh005 is equipped with a standard strap stainless steel bracelet with a flat brush teeth and polished sides. Regarding the implementation of the bracelet, there is no debate, it is solid, precisely manufactured, and the same detailed description. It is closed by a fold buckle with a security button, and its length can be adjusted by screws (rather than those who found on a more reliable watch). Perhaps a good adjustment buck is a good supplement, but overall, there is really no complaints. In addition, this is my worry, this is its width in 22mm – for the diameter watch, and a little dull. In this context, it may be subjected to some polishing tones. Honestly, I think I will put on a beautiful gray brown leather watch to put on SLGH005, or a silver seamless blue calf skin belt … but at least, I am happy to have hot days. Steel select.

SLGH005 White Hua is not just a beautiful face. It is also a watcher for a serious tabular document. It is indeed accompanied by a magnificent innovative escapement, double impulsive. In a Swiss leveraged industry, it represents approximately 99% of production (and more than 250 years), and only one other exotic escapement is placed in industrial scale. The development of GS is not only obvious.

The basic operation principle is as follows: energy is stored by the main power supply in the barrel. The energy is released by the gear of the drive hand. The speed of the gear rotation is controlled by an adjuster including an escapement and an oscillator. The escapement is transferred to the oscillator (equilibrium wheel) by pulse. As a return, the oscillator regulates the escapement. Its oscillation unlocks the escapement with a regular rate, rotates the gear and the main power to gradually relax. swiss watches prices