Zenith Chronomaster Sport cheap 2021 new watches

Zenith cheap has an incredible chronograph with a long history. The story of El Primero itself is one of the most important stories, and this new development of the brand is worth mentioning, not just the visual similarity with other watches.

Oops, it’s a good thing to exclude this. Yes, let’s get started…

Zenith Chronomaster Sport-its features

Today, the Chronomaster Sport we own combines all the best of the brand’s past into a completely modern model. The dimensions on the Chronomaster Sport are solid, the case diameter is 41mm, the case thickness is 13.6mm, and the distance between the lugs and the lugs is only 46.8mm. Much of the beauty of this watch can be attributed to De Luca, and the brand wants to modernize its design. In order to fully understand this new watch, we must review DeLuca and see what functions the model defines:

Stainless steel housing
Matching steel bracelet with stainless steel bracelet
Timing function
Pump push rod
Black aluminum bezel
The date window is 4:30

You will notice that Zenith’s new Chronomaster Sport has exactly the same features as DeLuca, and only needs to be updated to ensure that the watch meets modern expectations.

Now it’s time to jump into the watch face, don’t worry, because the historical references have not slowed down. The first and most obvious nod is through the sub-dial, because the color scheme and size of the A386 convey the soul of the A386. The focus of regular contention is the date window, and Zenith stays at 4:30 when I like it or hate it. This may shock you a bit, because balance and symmetry are usually my time for a cup of tea, but I actually like the 4:30 appointment.

I think it performs well in some ways, because a lot of things happen on the dial that makes it impossible to stand out. Zenith pays attention to details to ensure reasonable proportions, so that they are well integrated and shaped into the overall style of the dial. We always see that the date window added on the best replica watch looks like an afterthought. This is not the case at Zenith.

The old model here has clear hints, but there is nothing wrong. This is a modern watch. Nothing speaks to this better than the movement that powers this beast…

El Primero 3600 movement

When you turn the case over, things start to get exciting, and the new internal El Primero self-winding movement 3600 welcomes us. First of all, this is one-tenth of the second hand stopwatch, not the second hand moving around the case. Dial once every 60 seconds, in fact it will complete a complete rotation in 10 seconds. This is where the bezel comes into play, because you can now count the time to the tenth of a second.

If we delve into these subcategories, then we can learn more about sports, because on the surface it is not clear what is going on. The small dial at 9 o’clock can record the number of seconds of continuous operation. The 6 o’clock dial shows the minutes elapsed since the chronograph. Finally, the blue sub-dial is located here, which is a 60-second chronograph, which means that every time the chronograph hand completes its rotation around the dial, the sub-dial Will go forward 10.

Essentially, the last sub-dial completes the work of a traditional chronograph. By now, you may have begun to realize that it is far from an “ordinary watch”. The movement not only has an impressive watchmaking craftsmanship, but also provides a 60-hour power reserve, mounted in a case with a thickness of only 13mm at a vibration speed of 5 hz (36,000 vph).

How do you use Zenith Chronomaster Sport?
This is an example of how to read a watch. Below, you can see that the chronograph has stopped before the “03” point on the bezel, but if we look at the blue subdial on the right, we can see that the chronograph has been running for more than 10 seconds , Which means the reading is 12.9 seconds.

But interestingly, this is not the first time Zenith has produced such a watch. As early as 2010, they released El Primero Striking 10th, and just a year later, they released the Statos version, which includes the rotating bezel.

However, it is crucial that the Stratos version has a width of 45.5mm and a limited edition of 1,969 pieces, while the Chronomaster Sport is unlimited, and the proportions are extremely approachable. This is an important part of Chronomaster Sport’s creative path and paved the way for this more modern and accessible work.

Zenith Chronomaster Sport replica on the wrist
It is not surprising to hear that this is an amazing watch.

The first thing that strikes me is the completion and the small details that are very important. The bracelet is coated with a polished middle link, but the ends of the bracelet have also been polished to match. The time scale is like a flashlight hit by a flashlight, I’m not talking about brilliance. These details and the level of addictive contrast complement each other, which is always the magic weapon to win. It creates drama, while also helping to prioritize different design elements.

DeLuca realized this as early as the 80s, so it is understandable that Zenith knows what they are doing here. From the distinctive white dial to the rough black ceramic to the sub-dial, there are actually three contrast points. Initially, I thought that this color mix would look sloppy or bad, but after using it with the watch, I liked that it not only added historical weight to the design, but also showed a relaxed side for the Chronomaster Sport.

The movement of this watch is simply amazing. Again, this is not surprising, because this is the El Primero that Zenith and we are talking about here. The novelty of the 1/10-second chronograph will never go out of style. If you start to think that it does, just turn the watch over and enjoy the dynamic watch through the back of the display. After using the Chronomaster Sport for a short time, I knew it would be very tricky to go back to the traditional 60-second chronograph.

Now for sure, I have no illusion that Zenith didn’t know what they were doing when they released this watch. Considering that DeLuca dates back to the 80s and was designed as a Daytona watch, I think it’s fair to assume that Zenith will list Chronomaster Sport in the second round in this battle. But in my opinion, this provides something very different from Daytona. Yes, they have the same visual similarity as many watches. If there is any brand that can provide something similar to Rolex and get rid of it, it is Zenith.

Final thoughts on Zenith’s Chronomaster Sport

In the past few years, the watch industry has indeed focused on the modernization of watches. From Swatch and Sistem51, to Oris and Calibre 400, to Zenith, and the extraordinary evolution of the iconic El Primero. It seems that ensuring that mechanical watches can meet modern expectations is more important than ever. Thankfully, the brand knows this and is taking action.

Whether you like it or not, swiss Zenith sends a strong reminder to the world that they are the true kings of chronographs. It makes me think that this watch will still be a hot topic for a long time…