Cartier 2021 New watch

Cartier replica launches new balloon Bleu under the perfect sizes

In the table, millimeters can make all differences. This year, Cartier launched the balloon Bleu in a new 40mm large condition. With this, ‘la maison’ consistent with the trend of the watch with current trends and design. The Ballon Bleu introduced in 2007 quickly became one of the best-selling models in Cardia, as well as one of the pillars of the brand watch series. Due to the shape of the pebbles, it is one of the most comfortable watches, and its fetal crown shroud presents a unique appearance.

With a new 40mm version, Cartier may find the sweet spot of the balloon Bleu in size. Compared with the previous 42mm model, new watches are lighter and more pleasant. This is likely to make the watch interesting to a wider customer and make it a good candidate for a true single-sex. Although 42 mm can also exert this role, 40 mm is worn on a smaller wrist. Due to short ears, it is both a metal bracelet and a leather strap to make a watch happily sitting on the wrist.

Starting from this new balloon Bleu, Cartians expects a lot of wide range from them being launching this new size. Stainless steel models are equipped with belts or metal bracelets with silver, gray or blue dials. A pink golden model is also provided, with a matching bracelet or strip. Although this is a silver or gray dial is the only option, a silver dialing brother Bleu is set with 52 bright cut diamonds. All new balloon Bleu shares the same automatic movement. Caliber 1847 MC is made of Cartier’s own manufacturing, with a fairly elongated contour, with a thickness of only 3.77 mm. cheap watches for sale