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2021 W&W Global Simultaneous Debut. Watch and Miracle Haute Horlogerie Exhibition When we are all talking about protecting the environment, replica Panerai takes the lead in opening a new sustainable industry demonstration for the watch industry.

I met Mike Horn, the Panerai brand ambassador for the first time in 2003. He told us about what he saw and heard on the South African savannah and Arctic snow expeditions, and talked about the wonders and power of nature, as well as his walking and using zero emissions And the exploration experience of tools that will not have a destructive effect on the environment, nature teaches him always humility, courage and persistence. Panerai has been paying attention to environmental protection since it sponsored MiKe Horn’s expeditions in 2001. The new Panerai watch factory completed in 2016 is a zero-emission environmentally friendly design that uses 50,000 liters of rainwater collection tanks. It is used to irrigate outdoor plants, to recycle the hot waste water from the production process for indoor heating, and to recycle waste water so that the watch factory can generate electricity for its own use. It also creates a constant temperature watch factory environment to minimize energy consumption and save energy as much as possible. Avoiding waste is one of Panerai’s practical actions to promote environmental protection awareness.

From sailing sailing activities to Mike Horn’s natural exploration experience, Panerai has been thinking about the importance of environmental protection, and through the use of environmentally friendly materials, it has inspired the joint efforts of the entire watchmaking industry in this direction. Panerai announced the cooperation with the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (IOC-UNESCO) on the occasion of the opening of the “Watches and Miracles” Haute Horlogerie on April 7, 2021, to promote the tenth “United Nations Ocean Science for Sustainable Development”. Year” plan, with education as the core to jointly carry out marine knowledge and awareness activities, and expand the concept of sustainable development to the social, economic and environmental aspects.

The polar explorer Mike Horn wore a special Panerai replica watches for sale during his missions. Not only that, Panerai also announced on the opening day of the watch exhibition that it will further use practical actions to call on the entire watch industry to attach importance to sustainable development and apply it to the technological development of watchmaking itself. As early as 10 years ago, Panerai not only made a suitable watch for Mike Horn’s extreme cold expeditions in the polar regions, but also started a discussion with Mike Horn about the possibility of using sustainable and environmentally friendly materials to make watches. Now, in 2021 Today is finally realized.

Under this concept, Panerai’s heaviest watch is the eLAB-ID™ concept watch. From the inside to the outside, 98.6% of the materials used in this watch are recycled materials, including recycled titanium materials. Case, dial, movement plywood bridge; recycled fabric strap; recycled steel material movement parts (parts); and 100% recycled silicon escapement structure parts used for the first time, even Panerai’s most famous super Super-Luminova™ is also made of recycled luminous paint.

Panerai Submersible eLAB-ID™ watch PAM1225, case, sandwich dial and movement bridge are made of EcoTitanium™ environmentally friendly titanium material, diameter 44 mm, unidirectional rotating bezel, screw-in case back , The dial and hands are made of 100% recycled SuperLuminova™ luminous material, equipped with P.900e automatic winding movement, the escapement is made of 100% recycled silicon material, the vibration frequency is 4 Hz, the energy storage is 3 days, and the water resistance is 300 meters. The slate grey recycled fabric strap is paired with a trapezoidal buckle made of EcoTitanium™ environmentally-friendly titanium material.

If the so-called sustainable development of environmentally friendly materials is only made in appearance, it will not be able to support the name of the extreme concept of Panerai LAB-ID™. There are some parts in the movement of the PAM1225 eLAB-ID™ concept watch. The operating parts are made of recycled steel materials in cooperation with UGITECH and automatic oscillating weights made of recycled precious metals. In addition, there is another innovation: as silicon material has gradually become the mainstream in the field of mid-level mechanical watches, the P.900e automatic winding three-day kinetic energy movement of the PAM1225 eLAB-ID™ concept watch uses 100% recycled silicon. The material is an important part of the escapement structure. This design and technology heralds another aspect of watchmaking technology: the widespread use of silicon materials has become one of the trends, and it also means that silicon materials can also be recycled to make them sustainable. This technology is still due to the two companies SILTRONIX ST and SIGATEC, which have a leading position in the production of silicon materials in the watch industry, and Panerai introduced such technology in the production of movement for the first time. It has the technological direction of the industry. Very important meaning.

The PAM1225 eLAB-ID™ concept watch has eLAB-ID engraved on the tie rod on its iconic crown guard. The first batch of PAM1225 will also be limited to 30 pieces worldwide. All watches are supplied by cooperating suppliers. , But all production processes and parts are still made by Panerai in its own factory.

Following the PAM700 LAB_ID CarboTech™ concept watch exploring the limits of the possibilities of carbon fiber watchmaking, PAM1225 has been upgraded to the use of fully recycled materials, and new methods have been sought in the materials of the internal parts of the movement, the PAM1225 eLAB-ID™ concept The watch also thoroughly implemented the slogan of Panerai, the “Creative Workshop”. However, this limited concept watch is not a one-time gimmick for Panerai to use recycled materials to create watches. Panerai, when launching the PAM1225 concept watch, also created three Luminor Marina models with remanufactured steel alloys.

Panerai’s most deeply rooted Luminor Marina model is used, and the newly developed recycled steel material eSteel™ is used to create external parts such as the case, crown bridge, and dial. Its total weight accounts for 58.4% of the overall watch. (The total weight of the watch is 152.4 grams, including 89 grams of parts made of environmentally friendly recycled materials). In order to achieve the same corrosion resistance and physical structural strength as the 316 steel commonly used in the watchmaking industry, the recycled steel material needs special Professional processing and remanufacturing engineering, and this is the first time that French steel manufacturer UGITECH cooperates with watchmaking with recycled steel.


Dark blue

Although the deep sea blue PAM1157 uses recycled steel to make the dial, Panerai has not compromised aesthetics in pursuing the justice of the value.

Panerai Luminor Marina series eSteel™ watch PAM1157, case and dial are made of eSteel™, diameter 44 mm, thickness 15.45 mm, equipped with P.9010 automatic winding movement, vibration frequency 4 Hz, storage It can be used for 3 days, waterproof to 300 meters, dark blue remanufactured PET resin strap, and comes with a dark blue rubber strap.