Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 25820sp Permanent Calendar

There is no doubt: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak is one of the most iconic watches in the last century. It is about to identify the form of factors that are still the controversy points of many collectors, and it is incredible with elite tasting to make it more lightning. Whether you are in this bold time, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 25820SP permanent calendar is undeniable. For a moment, when steel is sold, this interesting stainless steel and platinum watch, with a permanent calendar complications, challenges and summon us to take a closer look. So let us go to it, will we?

The “SP” (25820sp) in this watch “SP” (25820SP) means unobsively precious and non-precious metals. If you want to know what is, just take a closer look, let your eyes see the answer; platinum surface is polished to a beautiful mirror, such as a gloss brush. This gentle contrast makes the design have exquisite beauty, allowing the platinum baffle to jump from its brushed background. This work is a significant refute for those who feel that royal oak lack of clever.

The contrast between the baffle and the remaining situation, and the integrated bracelet helps the eyes of the “main event”: dial. Crisp, black Grand Wasu mode is fashionable and charming. Audemars Piguet is known for this detailed work, these dials require a highly refined use of specialized metalworking tools. A slider and the entire dial are destroyed. Of course, it is worth spend for a long time, take a closer look, fully appreciate the process.

Dial has four subtrans. 9 o’clock is a week of day, the date of the date of 3 o’clock. 6 o’clock is a menstruation that contains fake Audemars Piguet. North Korea, we saw 12 o’clock months and leap year indication. The calendar of the watch will remain accurate in decades. Classic AP Baton hands indicates all of this information, except for the moon. Apply an hour tag labeled an external minute orbit.

The permanent calendar and the unusual combination of metals, there is no doubt that this is a major part that makes this watch to collect today. It is powered by CAL. 2120/2802. This automatic movement uses 38 jewels and 343 components, and the power reserve is 40 hours. It beats at 2.75 Hz or 19800 VPH. The foundation of this movement was originally developed by Jaeger-Lecoultre and launched in 1967. Other brands such as Bai Paradise and Prason Corning began from this movement. It is reliable and thin, which makes the Audemars Piguet CAL is a perfect starting point. 2120/2802 Add a permanent calendar function. Allowing the diameter This thin part is that it uses four peripheral ruby ​​bearings instead of a central ball bearing, which allows the rotor to move smoothly. It uses a “flight” wire barrel, only anchored on one side.

Cute galvanized motion returns through sapphire case. As you expect, the finishing work provides more expert craft examples. All bridges are polished by hand, with polished bevel, satin pulley edges and vulnerabilities. The rotor is a transpired, allowing sports from any angle. This part is 21K gold. swiss watches prices

Of course, this is not the first eternal calendar of Audemars Piguet, nor the first royal oak permanent calendar. In 1948, the first permanent calendar watch of the AP was released, REF. 5516. Only 12 times, they evolved over time; one of the evolution is the first watches of the leap year indicator on a thousand years. Of course, this should remind you to refer to the literature. 25820sp We are in front of us today. The first royal oak permanent calendar, reference. 5554 announced in 1984. About the reference. 25820sp, this watch lacks a leap year window. In addition, its design is actually equipped with a fair amount related to the reference. 25820sp.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 25820sp Permanently calendar is a special watch, there are many reasons. For a person, it comes from a highly respected blood, whether it is a royal oak tree, but also considers the breakthrough history of AP in the field of permanent calendar watches. It is also especially because stainless steel and platinum are rare combinations, making the watch unique appearance and feel. Finally, it is especially because it is incredible to manually and pay attention to the details of its creation. If you are looking for a royal oak, but don’t want to think that you have given all the hype, refer to the literature. 25820sp is a good bet.