Hot discussion? In fact, it is “real”!

Today we come to share with you a high luxury sports table with hot discussion, DEFY Extreme Watch. Not long ago, we released a new spot quote about this new product, and the next few comments were also published many different views on their appearance, pricing, etc.. So, today we will see in detail, what is the details of this table? (Watch Model: 95.9100.9004 / 01.i001)

Switzerland’s real time, one of the four major tables in Switzerland, since the launch of the brand, has obtained countless awards, the watchability can be said to be in the same general, and it is not possible to stay in the History of Switzerland. Sound brilliant imprint. Besides back to the watch, now everyone is familiar, the design is very avant-garde’s Defy series, in fact, in 1969, it has been launched, when the true truth, the use is now very hot 8-sided case, 14-shaped laps and surface chains are designed, and the corners are distinct. Now we see the Defy Extreme watch, the design inspiration is coming from this, there is a history.

This year, the DEFY series is positioned in “extreme”, which is “extreme”, and the watch is marked with this watch to adapt to all kinds of limit movements. In response to the expression, the term “limit” reflects its design, this defy extreme watch provides three models: brushed polishing & micro-spray titanium metal, micro-spray titanium metal and micro-spray titanium metal & Polished rose gold three watches, now this is the drawing process, treated titanium mesh after the drawing process. Defy Extreme Watch As a high luxury moving watch, there are many advantages of titanium metal, this material is light and hard, wearing is very comfortable, and titanium has good corrosion resistance, strong stability, generally does not induce Other symptoms such as physical allergies.

The new surface diameter increased to 45 mm, although the expression seems to be large, but the real time has added a new 12-sided ring ring, the actual visual effect is less than 45 mm, and the tough line is full of rigidity. The breath, I won’t be too exaggerated.

Watch the front of the watch, the new Defy Extreme watch still continues the whole hollow disk pattern, mysterious cool, very new. Through the dial, we can see the pioneering timing of the brand equipped, the movement is also treated with color plating, which presents a calm blue gloss under the hollow disk.

The watch is equipped with a transparent sapphire crystal glass dial, a slightly overlapping supermodel, is superimposed on a crystal glass dial, very stereo, which is easy to read; in addition to this, the dial is also equipped with a large pointer and sticker Markers and coated Super-Luminova luminous coatings, even if it is clear in a dim environment.

To ensure that the wearer adapts to the “limit” environment, it is equipped with a quick-release system and a different style of a trunk system and a different style. This watch is equipped with two straps: a rubber strap, with a folded buckle, a Velcro magic sticker belt, the wearer does not need tools to disassemble the table. zenith fake

The inside of the watch is equipped with the El Primero 9004 automatic upper chain head. It can be seen that this start-up 1/100 second timing core is seen through the dial, and the exact timing is rotated around the disk surface per second. The movement is equipped with two sets of escapement systems, and a set of escapement is used for time display (36,000 / hour – 5 Hz), and another set of escapement is used for timing (360,000 / hour – 50 Hertz), Part of the TIME LAB observatory is certified, reliable and stable, and provides at least 50 hours of power reserves after the string, and the waterproof depth of the watch can reach 200 meters.

This brand new Defy Extreme moving watch, in addition to the accurate to 1/100 seconds, there is also a high quality titanium metal case, handsome and tall 12-sided lap, fast demolition system and a variety of different styles A series of new features such as straps, design in terms of design, are still very in place.