Breitling mechanical timing B01 42 mm

Breitling a new generation of mechanical timing B01 42 mm, green plate.

Breitling has always been a reputation and a good quality. The updated mechanical timing has been completed, which is the current new table of Breitling. If you put it before, the Breitling Timetom affirm the first aviation timetable, but now you should recommend a new generation of 42 mm mechanical timing B01. Mechanical timing in the past, bigger and hardcore, is not suitable for everyone.

Breitling a new generation of mechanical timing B01 42 mm, blue plate.

A new generation of mechanical timings, there are 44 and 42 sizes, of which 42 mm versions are very suitable for most people. 42 mm mechanical timing because of the polished steel ring ring. When a new generation of mechanical timings, the raised lap scale continues to include mirror. The new disk is generally simpler than the old style, refreshing, and the disk Breitling logo is replaced with a “B” word without wings. A new generation of mechanical timings, another major feature, is the use of Breitling’s unique “bullet chain”, the form is spliced ​​from roller beads, and the recognition is very high.

Breitling a new generation of mechanical timing B01 42 mm, salmon color disk.

New generation machine timing, continue to use Breitling main B01 automatic timing core, columnar wheel plus vertical clutch, power for 70 hours, have an observatory certification, is a mainstream name table, one of the best automatic timing cores. In addition, there is 200 meters waterproof for a new generation of machinery, which belongs to the charter. Excellent waterproof, steel ring is better, this is a good to wear, and it is finished. wrist watches for men

Breitling New Generation Mechanical Time B01 42 mm, the B01 timing of the B01 is used.

Zenith flagship series sports table

ZENITH flagship series of sports tables is the most topical sports table this year. Because many people think this is very similar to Role Shi Tong, saying that this is “true pass”. Introduction, in the case where the Role Shigi is rare, hot fried, it is difficult to obtain, can’t hang on a tree.

This flagship series sports table actually has the characteristics of Zenith. Watch discs are blue, gray, silver, 3 colors, is Zenith’s traditional color, with history of more than 50 years. The flagship series sports table uses the Zenith El Primero 3600 automatic timing core, when the timing function is started, the central counting second hand will turn a circle on the dial, in this intuitive reflection of the Zenith El Primero movement 1/10 seconds Accuracy.

In addition to these zenith traditional features, this flagship series sports table has joined a lot of modern design, and the appearance is more trendy than the El Primero dialogue in the past. Watch 41 mm, use black ceramic rings, ceramic rings with 1/10 second time, steel chain version of three-stage plate chain. In the zenith chronograph, the flagship series counting (retro) → Victory, the flagship sports watch (modern) → Refy 21 Timetheet (cool), modern and color, But it is not too clear to quench, there is still 100 meters waterproof, suitable for most people.