Rolex watch for sale

1997 Rolex “Zenith” Daytona (Ref. 16520)
“As a young man in the automotive industry, I always think of watches as Rolexes. If you buy a Rolex, you will succeed. All my bosses wear Rolexes. I hope I still have some watches that I have sold over the years. I hope I still have the watches I sold a few years ago, because the market now is crazier than the auto industry! “I chose this because it has a very interesting background. I know the driver who won it. I like racing and motorsports.”

1977 Rolex Greenwich Mean Time “Blueberry” (Ref. 1675)
“Blueberries are not sold in the United States or in any jewelry store, except for the Middle East. It is said that this watch is only made for the Italian army and the Middle East market. This particular watch has a box and file, an original sales slip, and it is sold in Saudi Arabia.

“What attracts me to this watch is its conspiracy. Is it real or fake? Obviously, for blueberries, there are more fakes in the market than real ones. I have another one that I just sent to Rolex to check the authenticity, but It will take a year, so I’m still waiting for an answer.”

1966 Rolex Cosmograph Pre-Daytona (Ref. 6238)
“I chose this because I like its facial design, and they only produced it for about a year-or a year and a half-before they launched the first official Daytona with the ‘Daytona’ brand.

“The dealer I worked with was in California and sent me a photo before he put it on the website because he knew I liked very obscure things. Just to show the volatility of the watch, the asking price was in the past two years. It’s up 20% in the month.”

Patek Philippe Flyback Chronograph with Annual Calendar (ref. 5960P)
“I happen to really like this watch. Sometimes it’s that simple. I really, really like the look.”

Rolex Day-Date President (Ref. 18239) in the mid-1980s
“The dealer where I bought Pre-Daytona in California has this on Instagram. I called him as soon as I saw it and asked him to send it to me immediately. It is made of platinum with a walnut surface and silver markings. Rolex It’s not mass produced. Many gold watches are made from walnut, but this combination is very rare.”