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MB&F traditional machine flight

Legacy Machine FlyingT

The first MB&F machine designed for women

Even the most unpredictable and boldest life, when viewed from a distance, will form patterns and fall into a loop. This is a basic truth, and it is the foundation of all human existence, whether it is an individual or a collective. For Maximilian Büsser and MB&F, creative energy takes a seven-year cycle. It was in the seventh year of MB&F that the Legacy Machine series was born, and the first M.A.D. gallery opened in Geneva, opening the door to MB&F’s co-creation. MB&F was founded 14 years ago, opening a new path of watchmaking exploration, bringing an evolution of innovative vision for the founders and the company.

Launched Legacy Machine FlyingT, MB&F’s first 3D watch art work specifically designed for women.

Round white gold case, steeply curved bezel and slender lugs, all set with diamonds. A tall, protruding sapphire crystal dome rises from the bezel. Below the dome is a delicately curved dial, liquid black with layers of stretch paint or sparkling white diamonds.

An asymmetrical ventricular opening on the dial forms the core of the LM FlyingT engine-a cinematic flying tourbillon that beats at a quiet speed of 2.5Hz (18,000vph). The tourbillon is higher than the rest of the engine. This is a dynamic column that stops at the apex of the sapphire crystal dome. Fixed on the top of the upper tourbillon frame is a large diamond that rotates at the same time as the flying tourbillon, exuding the fiery brilliance of the highest quality gemstones.

At 7 o’clock-another reference to the digital theme that runs through LM FlyingT-is a black or white lacquered dial that displays the hours and minutes, and a pair of elegant blue gold snake-shaped hands. The dial is tilted at 50° and only the wearer can read the time. This intimate communication highlights the personal nature of LM FlyingT.

On the back, the self-winding rotor adopts a three-dimensional red gold sun shape with engraved light, providing LM FlyingT with a power reserve of four days.

The design of Legacy Machine FlyingT is full of associations drawn from the female and maternal influences of Maximilian Büsser’s life. Büsser said: “I want LM FlyingT to have the epitome of femininity, as reflected by the women in my life, especially my mother. It must combine supreme elegance with immense vitality. The cylindrical shape of the flying tourbillon Structure is very important to me, because I feel very strongly that women are the backbone of human beings. At the same time, the sun-shaped rotor has another meaning, which integrates life-giving elements and is what attracts and surrounds us. Food sources.”

Legacy Machine FlyingT has launched three versions, all in white gold with diamonds:

-Black lacquered dial, case inlaid with brilliant-cut diamonds;

-Both the dial and case are inlaid with brilliant-cut diamonds;

-Both the dial and case are set with rectangular cut diamonds.

LM FlyingT inspiration

The creative process behind Legacy Machine FlyingT began four years ago, when Maximilian Büsser began to consider creating something from the influence of women in his life. Büsser said: “I created MB&F to do what I believe in, to produce 3D dynamic sculptures that provide time. I am creating for myself. This is the only way we have made all these crazy and bold works over the years. . But at some point, I was eager to create something for the women in my family. I have been influenced by them all my life, so I challenged myself to do something for them.”

Inspired by a combination of seemingly incompatible traits, these traits are the characteristics of the greatest female figure in Maximilian Busser’s life. Elegance is the key, but so is a kind of infectious energy that can attract the entire room. The lines and composition of the Legacy Machine FlyingT embody these qualities, as refined and pure as any other Legacy Machine, but with the vitality and vitality of a central flying tourbillon.

The privacy and personal characteristics of LM FlyingT resulted in the time indicator being finally placed at the 7 o’clock position on the dial, with the black or white lacquered dial tilted 50° to face the wearer. This message is subtle but clear-no matter who the owner and wearer of Legacy Machine FlyingT are, their time belongs to them and not to anyone else.

Unlock the feminine side of MB&F

“The last thing I want to do,” Maximilian Büsser said, “is to take a masculine watch, adjust its size, paint it in different colors, and call it a ladies watch.” Every creation of MB&F is complicated. The process is drawn together, which is the same as the original Max Büsser concept, the design skills of Eric Giroud and the mechanical ingenuity of the in-house technical team. The consistency of aesthetics and philosophy is crucial to the end result, from the adventurous Horological Machine N°5 “On The Road Again” to the highly complex and technically ambitious Legacy Machine Perpetual.

In order to take the feminine LM FlyingT to the next level, the Legacy Machine case has been completely redesigned. Lower the case height and diameter to shift the focus to the highly protruding sapphire crystal dome. The lugs have become thinner, their curves have been emphasized, and deep bevels have been introduced to create a more elegant silhouette.

The thick or clear lines running through the LM FlyingT have been reconciled. For example, in the case of the hour and minute hands, they exhibit undulating shapes that echo the light of the sun-shaped self-winding rotor.

The design of LM FlyingT highlights the asymmetry, from the time display position at 7 o’clock to the ventricular dial aperture that constitutes the emerging tourbillon. Even the tourbillon frame itself has an asymmetrical design, choosing a cantilevered double-arched upper bridge instead of the symmetrical battle axe on top of all other MB&F tourbillons.

The elements throughout the Legacy Machine FlyingT subtly mention the femininity that resonates most with Max Büsser, such as the solar pattern of the self-winding rotor and the cylindrical structure of the tourbillon, which introduce the concept of life-giving and support.

About the engine

The mechanical predecessor of Legacy Machine FlyingT is mainly Horological Machine series, namely HM6 series and HM7 Aquapod.

The LM FlyingT engine uses vertical and coaxial methods, which is different from most modern watch movements that use radial and coplanar methods for movement construction. The cinematic flying tourbillon boldly protrudes beyond the dial of the LM FlyingT. It is a visually stunning example of a rotating escapement system, in stark contrast to other flying tourbillons, which usually do not venture beyond the surrounding dials. scope.

The flying tourbillon, as the name suggests, is only fixed at the bottom, and there is no stable bridge to limit the lateral movement of the top. The increased demand for overall rigidity is responsible for the conservative placement of most flying tourbillons in their movement. Legacy Machine FlyingT broke this restrictive demand for sports safety and confidently demonstrated all the glory of its flying tourbillon.

Another obvious challenge in the construction of LM FlyingT is the shape of the upper tourbillon frame, which produces more mass on one side of the tourbillon than the other. In order to compensate and ensure that the mechanism remains balanced, a counterweight is hidden below the tourbillon frame and on the other side of the upper tourbillon frame.

In order to display the time as accurately as possible on the 50° tilted dial, bevel gears are used to transfer torque from one plane to another in the best way. This solution was first used for HM6 and then for HM9 Flow.

The 280-component engine of Legacy Machine FlyingT has a power reserve of four days (100 hours) and is among the best in MB&F, a testament to the growth of in-house expertise and experience. Wholesale Fake Discount watches