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How to compare with Audemars Piguet, Rolex and Patek Philippe watches

Let us start from the brand, what about us? Every customer who has a point in contact with the four companies in these companies (or lacking) can be determined by they find or not so cute brands. I am in ridicule, I’m giving up and lofty attitude, I found that there is no difficulty in ranking AP and Patek. At the same time, Rolex did not fully comply with its global (a happy) follower base, as it increased in the 8,000 US steel Rolex watches to grow to compete for Tuste’s war and length. At the same time, those candidates that seek to fill the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Patek Philippe Nautilus – both retail, can be retail for the alpine eagle, running up to four times in the pre-market.

In those “recruitment”, another observation enthusiast is also a combination of simply wants these things: a) luxury watches; B) steel on steel bracelets; C) has extremely high execution quality; d) It is designed to wear in the office throughout the weekend and the annual circulation; and e) from established luxury brands. Chopard Gaoshan Eagle checked all these boxes, the only lack of uncomfortable taste, that is, some customers seem to be needed, or at least work with high-profile luxury watch brands. However, for the consistent growth, more experienced global luxury observation buyers, it becomes obvious, the status of luxury brands can be unable to achieve in the market, and two, for customers hostile.

The 41 mm version is significantly less than the size suggestion. For example, it has a small wear and is more proportional to DateJust 41. Therefore, this version of the existence is an elegant and restraint of 41 mm watches, radiating like the original royal oak, 39mm wide. The proportion of these two models is exploding, so I want to see the baffle, case, bracelet or dial size. There is no problem I want to see – a rare feat, especially in proportion.

Complete internal COSC Chronometer Calibers
The size of the Wolk Hawk is equipped with an automatic barge of internal production. The two movements in all watches are COSC ChronoGeter – certified throughout the range. Larger version of the Sports Chopard Call diameter 01.01-C, adopts the modern 4Hz operating frequency, 60-hour power reserve, appropriate internal movement, and the mixing of industrial finishing techniques and traditional bridges and trays. It has a size of 28.80 mm wide and filled 41 mm to a larger mountain eagle.

Powering 36mm Chopard Alpine EAGLE WATCH is Chopard caliber 09.01-C, as mentioned above, is also internally produced in Wai Bang’s FleurierĂ©bauches. It operates with a frequency of 3.5 Hz (25,200 Vph) and uses a compact architecture and 159 component counts to match 42-hour power reserves. This is clearly a series of ratios around the base ETA Calibers to allow Chopard alternatives to provide motion without re-designing its established cases and dials. Through its bearing sleeve, the rotor and neatly landmark has a bridge, it properly matches the surface decoration details of the surface or bracelet. This focus on detail helps to deny a simple movement to exchange a simple movement on the basis of “That will”.

in conclusion
I will say that if this new product does not have any common suspects with any common suspects, I will not perform this comparison. It is only a relatively design and peaceful (i.e., as a luxury steel sports watch) does not automatically master the comparison of the segment of the tyrant. But the Alpine Eagle is not, with those who are quite – it’s price.

Therefore, if you want to buy all the luxury steel sports watch you want, then it is considered a watch, then through all means, all means will continue to harass your Rolex, AP or Googong dealer. However, if you want your next luxury steel sports watch reason is that Royal Oak and Nautilus were originally implemented by a high performance, especially in Langxun Steel A223 or double sound. In the 41 mm version, it is enough to make you very happy. It will let you stop guess you may temporarily on the list.

At the launch, Chopard Eagle 41mm has three versions: two quantitative combinations of blue or gray dials, blue or gray desips or brunette steel and 18K rose gold combination with gray dials. Smaller Wonderful House Hawks 36mm have many other variants, including all gold models with or without diamond baffles and bracelet center links.