Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane Watches

In addition to many other older pendant watch, we welcome our new version of our well-known and beautiful Darn Cool Zenith Christophe Colomb in 2013. Now, the brand’s “college” collected the staple food of more complex watches, Christophe Colomb has been executed in many versions. ZENITH enthusiasts will remember that the history of the watch’s fuzzy-style escapement assembly starts using the Defy Xtreme Zero-g Tourbillon watch, which is pre-regular Christophe Colomb Collection. When Mr. Dufour took over Zenith a few years ago, he re-artped unique complications into more interesting and desirable things.

The heaven will be the first escapement of the escapement. The real tettle wheel is an escapement that rotates on its own shaft. Many things called Typhilong are not. In this case, the escapement is designed in the cage, which is typically kept upright by aggravating and mounted on the gyroscope on the gyro. When you rotate and rotate the watch, it is very powerful. Look at the miracle of the micro technology, there is a lot of parts to be done.

The second most worthless element of Christoph Colomb is a fairly obvious sapphire crystal, protruding at the top and bottom of the housing. This certainly there is a way to allow the escapement component to have a mobile space. One problem I have reached a problem is whether it is comfortable. I was very doubts at the beginning, but after wearing a few iterative watches, I can honestly say that you don’t think it. This is the bottom of the foam of the back of the watch. The top bubble is … very bubble. It allows the charming view to fell into a charming movement, and just realize and avoiding things that knock on the door.

No matter how many times I am lucky, I am still playing with this watch, I am still being amused and obsessed. In this latest version, it is better. Design and skeleton make me remind me some barren aesthetics. I think many people will discover. It is called the Zenith College Christophe Colomb Hurricane, which is definitely the best Christophe Colomb Models. Why? Well, it looks related to it, what will happen.

Previous version of Christophe Colomb features a series of functions and dial-up changes. For example, one is a time complicated equation, which is a feature that is for me. Here, Zenith returns to the foundation providing feature we want, at least my love is enhanced. In addition to the “gravity module” escape, the hurricane has a creepy chain. I am interested in the interested mechanism consisting of cone cams and small bicycle chains … especially in this watch. I don’t know that this is Zenith to try Fusee and Chain complications for the first time, but this is my first time I can think of them. For example, BROGUET has taken some of them, which is another reason for me.

You will notice that the Fusee and Compul components are very prominent, actually in time dialing. Therefore, each reading time will notify it. In addition to Skeletonized, the various features on the dial are particularly convenient visual appreciation. In my opinion, BROGUET has more experience in these types of open actions and dial, so their fragments are slightly decorated and completed slightly on the moving surface. This is to expect, but Christopo Kolm is still Zenith’s very good achievements, including a beautiful features and visual balance.

45 mm wide, the 18K rose gold case of this limited edition watch is well polished, and the wrist is aggravated. It will not feel too much. The inside of the watch is a Zenith made of El Primero Caliber 8805 manual wraps. Because it is El Primero, the escapement does have a higher operating speed at a higher 36,000 feet (5 Hz). This is very interesting, especially because even Dosphalon is even 28,800 British advertising victory. Sports are very complicated, there is no doubt that huge assembly skills are needed. This movement is divided into three main parts, including host, gyro, and chain. The number of portions of 354, 173 and 585, respectively. Just use 173 escapement assemblies without damaging the components and makes the whole thing how long it takes.

In terms of function, the caliber 8805 is substantially but satisfactory. In addition to time dialing, there is an auxiliary stopwatch, a power reserve indicator. This is almost what you need. The function of the remaining watches is for mechanical fun. For this reason, it provides the school’s skeleton version, and Christophe Colomb will have so much significance. Although I still don’t understand the name of the “Hurricane” section.

I tend to want to know what type of person who wears all the full-time people? Is there such a person, and such a clock has such a watch, can survive in daily tempering and still a reliable time teller? To be honest, I don’t know. Zenith may not even know. I am sitting in Jean Fredrich Doufus, we discussed Zenith’s works and other new events. He is sitting a pair of sports watches – there is one from each wrist of the brand. Zenith is doing very well, their price is quite fair to their middle level. All Zenith mode includes internal movements, which are mainly in stock. I also want to point out that Zenith is one of the few brands, which seems to be consistently made with a proper size.

Zenith will produce 25 college Christophe Colomb Hurricane Watches. They really have no ability to establish more in the price involved and each component. With the special escapement and Fos and chain drives, this is an incredible cool time that seems to be a serious scrolling. fashion replica watches