CODE 11.59 by Audemars Piguet 2020

As was the case last year, Audemars Piguet’s 2020 CODE 11.59 series broke countless boundaries, but everyone knows that when it comes to Audemars Piguet, this line is still not the star of the show. But does this mean that it cannot become an iconic part of the future watchmaker’s product portfolio?

Audemars Piguet has a long history. It is one of the earlier players in the game and has been in the watchmaking industry since 1875. Over the years, the watch company has been committed to experimentation and innovation, and has made achievements such as the world’s first minute repeater movement. Used in wrist watches (1892).

Followed by the extremely complex Universelle model (1899), it has a split-second chronograph, jumping and non-jumping seconds, a general strike, a minute repeater, an alarm clock and a perpetual calendar. AP also developed the world’s first skeleton watch (1934) and the world’s first perpetual calendar watch (1955) with leap year display, day of the week, peripheral date, month and moon phase display functions.

However, around the 1970s, the brand began to insist on selling certain successful, more sporty product lines that were still leading the way in the 21st century. This brings us to Audemars Piguet’s 2020 CODE 11.59. First launched last year, these watches are part of a very classic collection compared to the watch manufacturer’s recent best-selling products. The renewed focus on classic formal watches and the heavy investment in the still very young series raises a question-is Audemars Piguet’s CODE 11.59 likely to become another decisive work in Le Brassus’ strong manufacturing history?

Why create Audemars Piguet’s CODE 11.59?
In the past ten years, Audemars Piguet’s popularity has increased year by year. According to CEO François-Henry Bennahmias, who we interviewed last year, Audemars Piguet’s sales of watches in every market in the world may be 50% more than their sales (currently 40,000). In this sense, Audemars Piguet focuses its strategy on exclusivity. “The volume guides everything we do,” Bennahmias said. “If we control the quantity, we can control the completeness and quality of the delivery.”

For this reason, the Audemars Piguet CODE 11.59 dial supplier was surprised when they ordered 4,000 pieces last year, compared with 2,000 pieces the previous year. However, this is not wrong-this year, Audemars Piguet doubled the number of its CODE 11.59 watches. This development reflects the brand’s decision to increase production to 45,000 watches in 2020-in addition, this means that 2,000 of the additional 5,000 watches will be Audemars Piguet’s CODE 11.59.

According to Bennahmias, “The main reason why Audemars Piguet launched CODE 11.59 is to showcase the history of the brand.” This not only includes recalling the details of past creations, but also aims to highlight its innovative capabilities-the Associated Press has accumulated in the past 145 years rich experience. For example, during the quartz crisis, with the collapse of many watchmakers, Audemars Piguet calmly produced the world’s thinnest self-winding perpetual calendar.

However, creativity does not stop at complexity. In the past designs, from asymmetrical cases to octagonal diamond bracelet watches, they are also embodied in aesthetics. The CODE 11.59 series aims to represent this relentless pursuit of innovation in any form-while keeping in mind that the series must be timeless.

The CODE 11.59 watch took no less than 700 years to create a concept. This shows the depth and consideration behind the watch design. As Bennahmias told us, these timepieces are designed to impress people: “We want people to look at Audemars Piguet’s CODE 11.59 from the perspective of watchmaking, and then say: ‘respect’.”

Perhaps the most important thing is the meaning behind the name of the series, which shows the strategic thinking behind the watch:

Challenge-Challenge the limits of craftsmanship
Ownership-our roots and heritage
Dare to follow firm beliefs
Evolution-never stagnating
11.59 – The last minute before the new day
The collection itself: from 2019 to 2020
As mentioned earlier, Audemars Piguet’s CODE 11.59 series did not come out until last year, when it was exhibited at the “SIHH 2019” and received undeniable mixed reviews. Six watches of 13 models were exhibited: including two self-winding and chronograph self-winding models, a perpetual calendar, two watches with tourbillons-skeleton tourbillon and self-winding flying The tourbillon, and most importantly the Supersonnerie, the minute repeater watch. The automatic, chronograph and tourbillon versions also mark the launch of three new movements.

This year, the brand launched five new self-winding watches and five new self-winding chronographs. It is not yet known whether we can expect to see more complex models, but if we do, will this help us gauge the acceptance of other CODE 11.59 versions last year? aaa swiss movement replica watches

Frankly speaking, 2020 CODE 11.59 watches are not significant, unlike their predecessors 2019. However, the new dial color and case material are definitely worth a look. The smoky lacquer dial is decorated with sunburst patterns in blue, burgundy and purple, as well as light gray or dark gray.

The inner bezel is black or gray, adding a layer of depth to the already colorful dial. In some versions, such as purple or a certain degree of wine red, the sunburst has almost disappeared due to the deep color of the dial. However, on other versions, such as the blue dial version, light blue and dark blue look very beautiful in the sun. At the same time, the gray dial shows the sunburst particularly well, but at first glance it seems whiter than gray-arguably a more feminine choice.

At this point, the new color definitely benefits the brand’s unisex design-Bennahmias described Audemars Piguet’s CODE 11.59 as “not a men’s watch, nor a women’s watch, it’s a watch.” Observe the bold purple, It will be interesting whether silver and burgundy watches prove to be more popular with women or men. After all, this series marks the first time the brand has consciously created a line for men and women. replica watches for women