Hands-on Breguet Tradition 7047BR and 7067BR watches

Both timepieces belong to the Breguet Tradition watch series. Don’t confuse it with Breguet’s Heritage watch series. Of course it is easy to confuse the two. Breguet’s notoriety began a long time ago, and for good reason. After personally inspecting antique Breguet pocket watches, I can attest to their excellent design and quality. They are really ahead of their time. Today, the Breguet brand under the Swatch Group tries to retain the magic and beauty of traditional Breguet movements by referring to works such as 7047BR (7047) and 7067BR (7067).

Before I equipped my camera with a good flash and macro lens, I wrote about the Breguet 7047 watch here. If you read that article, you will notice that I am not too keen on watches due to the finishing. Two years later, I found myself handing the same watch with a different surface treatment, and I felt completely different. Small changes in surface treatment can have a huge impact on the appearance of the watch. 7047BR has regained my favor, thank goodness. It’s hard to sneer with a piece of fuse and chain drive. I just think those are too cool.

When I looked at these works, a kind of sadness came to my heart. Why are you asking? Well, because I can only hear a group of duplicating fashionistas talking about how amazing the watches in the Breguet Tradition series are. The watch is really great, but those people don’t know why. These watches are easy to appreciate visually, but I kind of hope they are more underground, because it takes real education and a long-term understanding of clocks to appreciate watches of this caliber. Anyway, if you have money, you can buy what you like. Just know what you got.

This is a strange element of the luxury world. Those who really appreciate goods often cannot afford it. Those who are usually not motivated to get an education. This is not like a complicated machine that requires a class to operate. Not at all, this is a machine with a small crown, on the surface it can be operated by a genius or an idiot. So, besides pure curiosity, what reason does your regular Joe M(B) billionaire have to read the authors of these watch companies and sit next to beautiful photos? Not everyone has a watch error, right? used watches for sale

Anyway, let’s get into these beautiful parts. The high arched sapphire crystal glass on the Tradition watch is like a display bubble, and the beautiful view of the interior can be seen from the top and the side. Breguet designed the movement, so the mechanism is mainly installed at the top, not at the bottom. This makes the bottom cover a bit lacking when looking at things, but at least you understand why. The Breguet 7067BR watch does have a power reserve indicator on the back. That’s fine.

Speaking of 7067BR, (Do you really need that damn “BR”?), this is a beautifully designed dual time zone Tradition model. The case is all Breguet, with grooved sides and customary lugs. The case is 40 mm wide and is available in 18k white gold or rose gold. Inside the watch is the Breguet 507 DRF manual winding movement. I like the matte smoky gray surface. The movement has two times, a day/night indicator for reference time, and a power reserve indicator. It has a power reserve of 50 hours and a silicon balance spring. Of course, it is good to have an escapement on the dial so that your eyes will move regularly.

The visual balance of Tradition 7067 is pleasing. All of this can work together, and there are many things worth seeing. The many finishes on the dial really help it stand out as a high-end luxury product. The 7047BR model is a completely different beast, even if it looks similar at first glance. This piece is more high-end because it has a tourbillon and fuse and chain drive.

Only 1 mm wider than 7067, the 41 mm width of 7047 looks satisfactory in 18k rose gold. This metal with a special matte anthracite finish on the movement is the sexiest skin I have ever seen. The black mechanically engraved eccentric dial is matched with the rose gold case and the polished elements in the movement, which looks very beautiful. For connoisseurs of kings who like to see his rotating cyclone escapement and miniature bicycle chain drive system, this is indeed a work. These two complications are actually ancient. I want to know if the same type of person was kicked 200 years ago. How sweet will it be to get a nerd-first watch lover and watch lover at the time from today? Do they still complain about the case size?

The Breguet Tradition 7047BR watch is equipped with a Breguet 569 manual winding movement with a power reserve of 50 hours. The large-diameter balance wheel in the tourbillon is made of titanium, and the balance spring is again made of silicon. I really like that Breguet now uses silicon to make many balance springs. The two watches in the Breguet Tradition series are beautiful, but please don’t praise them just because you think it’s cool. Get to know these elegant ladies first…then you can compliment their derrieres.