Audemars Piguet fake watches for sale

Audemars Piguet‘s new works are released! Royal Oak 34mm Automatic Watch-Black Ceramic Model & Light Blue Cream Gold Model Audemars Piguet launched two new works in the 34mm Royal Oak Automatic Watch Series: black ceramic and blue cream gold watches. The black ceramic watch is the first all-black ceramic watch in the 34mm Royal Oak automatic watch series. The delicate and smooth 34mm black watch is embellished with rose gold, showing a two-tone contrast. The unique cream-gold blue face model was jointly created by Audemars Piguet and Italian jewelry designer Carolina Bucci in 2016. The 18K white gold watch is paired with the new light blue “Grande Tapisserie” large plaid surface to show its brilliance.

The artistic beauty of the new 34mm Royal Oak Black Ceramics is hidden behind the difficult production techniques. To cope with the challenges of the small-sized case, the watchmaker needs to develop exclusive production and hand-finished decoration procedures for each ceramic watch. The high-hardness material The formulas and production methods of the watch must be adjusted to ensure that the proportions, design features and classic finishing decorations of the Royal Oak series are perfectly presented on the new self-winding watch.

After blending the zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) powder with a specially developed adhesive, the raw materials are transformed into ceramic parts with a series of high-precision processing technologies. The pigment is added to the zirconium dioxide powder before processing so that it can be integrated with the material in the subsequent production process. After being sintered at an ultra-high temperature above 1400°C, the watch parts can show colors that meet the designer’s requirements. Because pigments are extremely sensitive to temperature changes, it is also a major technical challenge to make all parts the same color.

Finally, all ceramic parts are subjected to preliminary gloss polishing and matte polishing, and then hand-refined and decorated, presenting the exquisite appearance of Audemars Piguet’s classic matte polishing and polishing chamfering. The lightweight, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant ceramic case protects the movement like armor, and the hand-refined decoration makes the watch reflect the ever-changing light, which doubles the beauty of the case and strap. In addition, the hour markers and hands, as well as the eight screws that lock the case, are all made of 18K rose gold, adding timeless brilliance to the fake luxury watch.

The black ceramic model is equipped with a 5800 self-winding movement, which was developed last year for the 34mm Royal Oak self-winding watch. It provides a 50-hour power reserve and is water-resistant to 50 meters. Through the titanium back cover inlaid with sapphire crystal glass, one can appreciate the exclusive rose gold automatic plate of the movement and some exquisite decorations. The hand-finished decoration of the machine follows the Swiss high-end watchmaking tradition, with Geneva corrugated, grained circle polished, sun pattern and matte polished all available.

The 18K white gold Royal Oak model shines with frosty gold craftsmanship. The dreamy flashes of the case and strap reflect each other with the polished bevels of the bezel, screws, crown and chain links. The rich and changeable contrast effect is beautiful. The new light blue PVD coating surface resonates harmoniously with the overall design of the timepiece, and can present subtle and varied colors with changes in the surrounding light. The “Grande Tapisserie” large plaid decoration, as well as the white gold hour markers and hands of the same material as the case, make the surface more gorgeous. The diameter of 34 mm is specially developed for people with slender wrists. It is ergonomic, comfortable and beautiful.

Frost gold craftsmanship is derived from the historic Florence gold hammering technique and re-interpreted by Carolina Bucci to decorate her contemporary jewelry designs. With his assistance, the watch factory can develop a unique watchmaking hammering technique by skilled craftsmen, which is applied to the case and strap of the Royal Oak series. The watchmaker uses a diamond-head hammer to hit the gold case and strap, and chisel out tiny depressions on the surface to achieve the same brilliance as a diamond.