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Girard Perregaux: Finally!

Powerful, intelligent and coherent: Girard Perregaux’s Three Bridges series has found the characteristics of the 21st century. This long-awaited result is expected to provide a blueprint for the future development of the series

finally! The 230-year-old Girard-Perregaux started its modern transformation under the leadership of Antonio Calce and continued under the leadership of Patrick Pruniaux, which is equally admirable . Of course, the lady of La Chaux-de-Fond has some ways that need to be respected, so the changes are small. Before “solving” the iconic three bridges, the brand first released a model with one bridge (Free Bridge), and then another model with two bridges (Neo Bridges). Then there is the Three Sapphire Bridge (a wonderful quasar light), leading to a return to precious metals this year. The process from one to the other is natural, intuitive and perfectly managed.

So, this is the return of the historic Golden Three Bridges, but it is certainly not a step back in time. on the contrary. This is Hyundai Girard-Perregaux bringing three bridges, tourbillon and precious metals back to a watch that is completely rooted in the 21st century.

Simple and complex
Although the brand did not resist the outdated marketing perspective of “connecting tradition and modernity,” it is important that the walk matches the conversation. And it was very successful. The Girard Perregaux Three Flying Bridge Tourbillon is a powerful and intelligent work that brings just the right sense of freshness, making it an original work without losing any foundation (or client).

Contrast and Opposition
The watch has found a balance in the process of restating its most distinctive feature, that is, the three-seater splint, which is the symbol of the series, has a brand new aesthetic. Yes, they are golden, but they are also painted with black PVD. Yes, they have the original shape, but they are also hollowed out. The same is true for the hour markers, which are similar in design to the hour markers on Free Bridge, but are positioned vertically as the frame of the dial. Then there is the tourbillon, which is usually located at 6 o’clock, but in the “flying” version, fixed only from below, highlighting the hollow geometry of the three bridges. It is through these constant contrasts and oppositions that the watch can reshape itself.

Coherent, intelligent, and subtle, Sanqiao seems to have finally found a foothold in the 21st century. After Quasar-style rehearsal, the three flying bridges once and for all laid a blueprint for the future series.

Girard Perregaux

Three fly bridge tourbillon-Aston Martin

The first timepiece of the recently announced partnership between Girard Perregaux and Aston Martin has been revealed

Three fly bridge tourbillon-Aston Martin Edition combines Girard Perregaux’s watchmaking expertise with Aston Martin’s unique understanding of luxury and performance.

Both brands have shown a passion for exquisite craftsmanship and have been collaborating to share their understanding of design, materials and technology. This latest model pays homage to the iconic three-bridge pocket watch of the 19th century in an absolutely modern way, with the smallest details including the strap. The latter is the world premiere, made of black calfskin and Girard-Perregaux rubber alloy, an innovative rubber insert infused with platinum. The strap is designed to evoke people’s thoughts on Aston Martin racing cars in the past.

Adhering to the Girard-Perregaux tradition, this watch uses proportions and shapes ingeniously, very in line with the aesthetics of estheticians.

Three fly bridge tourbillon-Aston Martin’s 44mm case is made of grade 5 titanium alloy, a strong hypoallergenic alloy chosen by Aston Martin for its light weight. Embellished with black DLC, giving the watch a secret appearance. Interestingly, titanium ore was discovered by British priest William Gregor in Aston Martin’s hometown of England in 1791, and Girard-Perregaux was founded in the same year. best watches to buy

Sapphire crystal “boxes” are located at the front and back of the house, enticing light to illuminate the inside of the case, thereby enhancing readability. The movement avoids the main board. It is located between two pieces of sapphire crystal glass and seems to be floating in mid-air. Girard Perregaux’s iconic three bridges span the dial and are made of titanium with black PVD treatment and polished corners. This design gives the timepiece a light appearance and provides a magnificent view of the movement components that are usually hidden from sight. Although GP Girard-Perregaux has a long history of making invisible and visible, in this case, it ventured off the pistes and created a watch whose movement seems to be suspended in the case. This is achieved by reducing the movement, making the main board seem to disappear in the case, creating the illusion that the movement is flying inside the case. It is this particular characteristic that led to the term “flying bridge”.

The tourbillon frame at the lower part of the dial is “lyre-shaped”, which is a characteristic of all tourbillons of the company dating back to the 19th century. The blue pointer fixed on the cage indicates the running seconds. The tourbillon cage has a diameter of only 10 mm, is composed of 79 parts, and has a total weight of only 0.25 grams. This very low figure helps reduce energy consumption.

The barrel at 12 o’clock has a hollow design that provides a partial view of the mainspring. A platinum micro-rotor located below the barrel provides power for the mainspring. Unlike most automatic watches, it allows you to observe the movement at a glance. The vertical side of the micro-rotor is engraved with the name of the car company and is filled with white light-emitting treatment, which is blue under restricted light. Similarly, the hour markers and hands are also treated with white luminous light, which once again glows blue in the dim light.

“We are very happy to work with Aston Martin to entrust our most iconic timepieces to their team and provide a new perspective on high-end timepieces,” said Patrick Pruniaux, CEO of Girard Perregaux . “We rarely work with others to reinterpret these three watches. However, on this occasion, Bridges made an exception because of Aston Martin’s design prowess. When you look at Aston Martin’s design, you’ll notice The company’s unique front grille first appeared on the DB Mark III in the late 1950s. Similarly, the air intake and side panels on the company’s modern models are functional elements designed to improve airflow and enrich each car’s Overall appearance. At Girard Perregaux, we have a similar philosophy. For example, when the brand released the legendary Three Golden Bridge Tourbillon in 1867, it transformed the three functional elements into attractive aesthetic features and showed us The method continued today. Finally, this latest collaboration opened a fascinating chapter in Girard Perregaux’s 230-year history.” men watches brands