De Bethune DB28 Steel Wheel Sapphire Tourbillon

The latest and improved version of De Bethune DB28 Steel Wheels is equipped with a tourbillon movement, and its triangular bridge and two barrel covers are made of sapphire crystal. This timepiece follows the futuristic design of the original DB28 that won the GPHG award, with a special-shaped case inspired by a pocket watch, and patented innovative floating lugs designed to provide maximum comfort.

DB28 Steel Wheels Sapphire Tourbillon Ref. DB28SWTTIS.

The DB28 steel-wheeled sapphire tourbillon remains faithful to the vision of the founder of De Bethune and watchmaker Dennis Flageolet, infused with the latest technological advancements with its stylish and tight lines and movement. These advancements include the iconic triangular bridge plate and the sapphire crystal barrel lid-the bridge plate is blue and the barrel lid is transparent-which together create reflections, magnify the structure of the movement, and let the eyes see its heart.

The iconic triangular splint and the barrel cover create a reflective effect, magnifying the structure of the movement, allowing the eyes to peep into its heart.

The sapphire glass components, cut by laser, perfectly fit the shape, rise, angle and teeth of the bridge and lid; each lid is surrounded by a circle of polished titanium. For the first time, the brand uses sapphire for laser cutting of triangular splints, two barrel covers and glass. The thickness of the sapphire crystal surface of the watch bridge is 1 mm, “to ensure functional rigidity”, while the thickness of the sapphire crystal surface of the barrel cover is 0.3 mm, which, according to the brand, “can resist small daily vibrations.”

The sapphire crystal triangle bridge, barrel lid and laser cut glass are the first of the brand.

The dial of the DB28 Steel Wheels Sapphire Tourbillon is equipped with a round grained titanium hour ring, spherical polished titanium hour markers and a blue polished titanium ring. The hand-made hour hand is made in a workshop in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland, and consists of four elements: a steel barrel, a titanium alloy insert, a matt titanium inner component, and a polished titanium metal for the outer component. On the back is the power reserve indicator, using the hand-made blued steel hands also from the De Bethune workshop.

On the back is the power reserve indicator with hand-made blue steel hands.

The movement, Calibre DB2019V5, is a creation of titanium and silicon, beating at a speed of 36,000 vph. According to De Bethune, its tourbillon frame weighs 0.18 grams (which is the lightest ever) and rotates manually every 30 seconds. The movement is 30 mm in diameter and weighs less than 0.0001 grams. It is composed of 272 parts, fixed together by miniature exoskeletons, and can maintain a power reserve of up to 5 days, which is ensured by the movement’s self-adjusting double barrel.

The DB28 Steel Wheels Sapphire Tourbillon case is made of grade 5 polished titanium and is mounted on floating lugs with a diameter of 43 mm and a height of 9.80 mm. It is mounted on an alligator leather strap with polished grade 5 titanium pin buckle. men watches brands