U-Boat New Color Watch

Do you think blue? Maybe you turned green because of jealousy, or turned red because of anger? We are not inclined to think about the roots of many common phrases we use in our daily lives. As a society, we almost instinctively understand that colors have different meanings. Color psychology shows that the impact of color on human psychology is deeper than we are willing to admit. Years of research has shown that people not only tend to associate different colors with their emotions, but specific colors also affect our mental state. copy U-Boat has adopted this concept and applied it to their latest models. U-Boat’s new color watch is inspired by the idea that color can not only symbolize but also affect our daily emotions.

There are 15 models in total, 13 models with a case diameter of 44 mm and 2 models with a diameter of 38 mm. These models have innovative “oil immersion technology”. The dial and movement are completely immersed in oil. This oil was first used in the Capsoil series, which created the illusion of glass loss and increased the legibility of the timepiece because it emphasized the dial. There is also a bubble on the dial of each watch. Air bubbles help compensate for temperature changes that the watch may experience.

These best watches are available in 5 different colors, allowing you to choose according to your mood or favorite color. The dial comes in green, red, black, blue or brown. The dial is decorated with sun patterns or radial satin patterns. The finish is matched with domed scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and oil, which highlights the illusion characteristics of the Dark Moon series. U-Boat’s new color watch is indeed a series suitable for any taste, with a stainless steel case with IPB treatment or an IP bronze case. Italo Fontana has developed an innovative lock ring system that can quickly replace the battery and is included in the watch.

In order to achieve more functions, almost all Darkmoon models are equipped with a black vulcanized rubber strap and embossed brand logo. The models with the IP Bronze case are secured with a hand-made laser-cut leather strap. Two 38 mm watches are closed with a mesh bracelet.

The movement of the timepiece is a Swiss Ronda quartz movement. These watches are water resistant to 5 bars or 50 meters.

U-Boat Capsoil series!

U-Boat Capsoil is one of the most popular and unique models of Italian watchmakers. From color-changing Classico 45 to U-42 ​​Unicum, U-Boat is a brand that likes to create special and unique watches. These watches are designed to stand out. Make a statement and bring happiness to those who can wear and see! Italo Fontana, the founder and designer of U-Boat watches, expressed the following views on his latest work: “From a pure time reporter to a motor of the future, this is the core of the new Capsoil model.”

U-Boat’s Capsoil has several different designs. There are chronograph and solo versions, as well as DLC plating or stainless steel!

8110 Capsoil Solotempo SS
8108 Capsoil Solotempo DLC
8111 Capsoil Chronograph SS
8109 Capsoil Chronograph DLC

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