ZENITH launches two excellent and innovative products: DEFY ZERO-G and DEFY transparent sapphire double tourbillon, enhancing contemporary high-end watch art

The new expression of haute horology, the copy Zenith way. The watch factory reimagined the two most extraordinary movements through modern architecture and finishing techniques, which can be appreciated through the luminous and transparent sapphire case. Just as Georges-Favre Jacot named his watch factory after the highest point the celestial body reaches the sky, Zenith’s watchmakers and designers look for inspiration from the endless universe beyond the horizon to create the most magnificent and ingenious haute horology. work.

Zenith has reinterpreted its two cutting-edge haute horological movements in a way that can only be appreciated through the transparency of the sapphire case. These two works put Zenith’s unique futurism and evocative aesthetics on the center stage, using novel and unheard of decoration methods to achieve outstanding results.

Zenith Defy Double Tourbillon Sapphire Felipe Pantone – a unique watch

Since the first edition was launched in 2005, Zenith has always been a supporter of Only Watch, and has made every effort to create the most complex and detailed disposable watches for the biennial charity auction.

Zenith has contributed to the biennial Only Watch charity auction for 9 consecutive years, and invited the acclaimed op artist Felipe Pantone to draw codes from their acclaimed collaboration DEFY 21 Felipe Pantone and further promote the color concept. Their alchemy has created a unique object that is both technically outstanding and visually exciting, creating multiple firsts for Zenith and the entire watchmaking industry.

The DEFY 21 double tourbillon, the most advanced and complex chronograph ever produced by the watch factory, was chosen as the canvas for this unprecedented and unique work. Adjusted by two independent tourbillons, the 5Hz and 50Hz 1/100-second chronographs used for the chronograph function of the movement, which rotate at a speed of 60 seconds and 5 seconds respectively, and immediately become contemporary high-end exquisite craftsmanship timepieces and Dynamic works of dynamic art.

The artist then transformed his widely acclaimed design language into the decoration of the movement and the open dial. Using the principle of interference color, the coating of the splint reflects the gradient of metallic rainbow tones, marking the first time that innovative 3D PVD silicon particles have been used as a surface treatment on a tourbillon chronograph movement to produce a spectrum of perfect transition colors. The whole The movement is fixed in a metal container, which also has the same rainbow effect. The plywood on the back of the case is also coated with rainbow PVD​​, one of which is engraved with the words “Unique Piece” and is located under the black star-shaped winding rotor. online fake watch

In order to allow as much light as possible to shine on the colorful inner workings of this mechanical miracle, Zenith chose a case made entirely of transparent sapphire crystal for the first time in the Defy series. Synthetic sapphire is highly respected for its crystal clear transparency and extremely high hardness. It takes a series of arduous processes to reach the final shape-from precise shaping of highly three-dimensional elements to finishing and polishing to perfection.

On the side of the dial, the central hour and minute hands present a twisted appearance resembling lightning, which is a recurring element in Pantone’s work. Like the movement, the rainbow gradient colors in PVD are applied to the hands, and each applied time scale is filled with a different color. The moiré optical effect on the dial is produced by alternating thin white and black using fine laser engraving and precise lacquering technology.

DEFY 21 Double Tourbillon Only Watch 2021 comes with a special box similar to an art book and original signature artwork by Felipe Pantone. This enamel and UV paint named “Optichromie 135 Z” adopts the artist’s iconic style on the aluminum painting. The size is 170×120 cm. It is actually an artwork created by Pantone for Zenith, which was then miniaturized and copied to DEFY 21 Felipe Pantone version in the packaging.

The unique DEFY 21 Double Tourbillon Only Watch 2021 will be auctioned by Christie’s in Geneva on November 6, 2021. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Monaco Anti-Myopathy Association. http://www.chronowrist.ru