Take it! The luxury “cruiser” in the watch!

As a “blue blood aristocrat” in the watchmaking industry, Ulysse Nardin copy has strong technical strength. Among the famous watches, Ulysse Nardin is a brand that studies technology in silence and dares to take the lead in innovating technology. The Freak fantasy series is the most subversive and bold series in the Ulysse Nardin watch. The first fantasy watch in 2001 not only has an unprecedented design, but also uses silicon material for the first time, which has become an epoch-making milestone in the watchmaking industry.

A cruiser has appeared in the sea of ​​​​Fantastic watchmaking! This is the FreakCruiser whimsical cruiser watch, sailing without fear. The FreakCruiser watch is equipped with a concave and convex wavy bezel and a floating anchor-type mobile bridge, which caters to the nautical theme, and the cool shape is addicting. (Watch model: 2056-131)

The FreakCruiser has a diameter of 45mm and is made of rose gold.

Unlike regular watches, the FreakCruiser does not have a crown (which is also one of the characteristics of the Freak series), at 6 o’clock, and the locking device between the lugs acts as a crown, releasing it. The time can be adjusted by locking the device and turning the bezel in both directions.

The FreakCruiser shows the time in the way the movement runs: the lower bridge connects to the center of the watch and displays the hours as it rotates; the upper bridge in the shape of a skeletonized anchor contains a set of gears, hairspring and a unique bidirectional The escapement displays the minutes.

Ulysse Nardin’s two-way escapement has also brought the watch to a new height, abandoning the traditional anchor-type pallet fork and escape wheel, and using two silicon escape wheels instead. The power is directly transmitted to the balance wheel, and the advantage of the two-way escapement is that, using the excellent characteristics of the silicon material itself, it does not need to oil the movement, and it can reduce friction. The two silicon escape wheels are of different colors, purple and blue.

The end of the bridge plate indicating the time is coated with a luminous coating, and the copy watch is like a cruiser breaking through the dark sea, exuding bright fluorescence in the dark.

Turning to the case back, we discover more secrets of the UN-205 hand-wound movement. There is a window on the back of the watch, you can see the elastic state of the mainspring, which can remind the wearer to wind the watch in time. This UN-205 manual winding movement has a power reserve of 7 days. The wave pattern is engraved on the movement splint, and the cruiser rides on the waves, which is catering to this theme. How to wind the movement? The back of the watch is equipped with a bearing, which can be rotated to wind the mainspring.

The watch is equipped with a brown alligator leather strap and rose gold buckle.

The FreakCruiser watch is like a treasure in the deep sea, it is beautiful, mysterious, and attracts us to explore. In this FreakCruiser whimsical cruiser watch, we can easily see Ulysse Nardin’s interpretation of aesthetics and technology, which is eye-catching among many famous watches, stunning four. The Fantastic series is the pilot ship in the avant-garde world, and will continue to sail farther into the ocean, presenting us with more different watches.