Reasons to love flying watches again: Breitling BREITLING Navitimer Anniversary Revision

When it comes to flying watches, several of the most representative and Iconic series will inevitably emerge in our hearts, including the replica Breitling Navitimer. This signature flying watch series will be revised this year, which will surprise senior watch fans, especially attractive. New entrants.

In the past, when we wore Navitimer full of hard-core styles, it seemed to satisfy the dream of becoming a pilot to conquer the sky and conquer the sky; now we wear Navitimer, which reflects a kind of candidness that can be implemented in daily life anytime, anywhere. The new generation of Navitimer is stylish and handsome, showing a neat personality. It is divided into 3 watch diameter sizes, 2 case materials, as many as 13 different dial colors and 2 kinds of strap options. There are picky reasons for color preferences, and you don’t have the opportunity to say no, everyone can find a Navitimer that suits you best.

The new version of Navitimer has been remodeled
Less hardcore and serious, more stylish

The Navitimer in 2022 will provide watch fans with a wealth of choices, not only reaching a wider audience of watch lovers, but also extending its reach to fashionable men and women who love matching. The new models include three diameter sizes of 46, 43 and 41 mm, each with a different dial color, except for the classic black face with a white chronograph, and a silver-white face with a black chronograph, each size has its own dazzling. Color options, including Ice-blue, Salmon Dial, and Mint-green, are the hottest colors in the watch world and the most popular colors in the market right now.

The variety of replica men watches diameters allows watch fans of different shapes and sizes to wear the coveted Navitimer. In the official image photos released this year, there are a large number of women wearing pictures. This time the three A Navitimer Squad spokesperson, and one is a female figure, proving that Navitimer’s handsome charm is indeed suitable for both men and women. Moderate size and neutral and pleasing colors have strengthened the family members of the new version of Navitimer and attracted the attention of more watch fans.

Available straps include alligator leather straps, as well as a new seven-section metal chain strap, all with a folding clasp, which is not only more textured, but even more luxurious. In particular, the new seven-section chain belt has a very flexible bendable arc, and the reflective luster of the metal is also very rich, which adds a dazzling visual to the watch, and is more suitable as a key accessory for wear. For example, the 43mm red gold style and the classic black dial, with the red gold chain strap and the gold logo, hands and hour markers, the black and gold color scheme is really domineering and luxurious.

For senior watch fans, the biggest eye-catching highlight of this revision of the watch is the “wing” logo at 12 o’clock. The new wing logo is a three-dimensional hollow design, and the dial is divided into gold and silver colors. The high voice of the wing logo is because in 2018, Breitling changed the old version of the logo of B + anchor + wings to B capital letters. Maybe it’s only when you lose it that you know how to cherish it. In short, watch fans will never forget the old wing logo, and there are even watch fans who specially designate collections. This new version of the wings that return to the face plate has a lot of background. It is not the return of the old logo in 2018, but the logo of the early 1952 Navitimer, which is the world’s largest pilot club “Airline Industry and Pilots Association”. ” (AOPA) logo. This also makes the brand-new Wings Logo endowed with the meaning of retrospecting the birth and commemoration of the classic works, which is even more extraordinary for the important moment of the 70th anniversary of the series. discount replica watches

In addition to the logo, the revision of the details of the dial also includes the adjustment of the position of the date window and the simplification of the scale of the flying slider. The former is to adjust the date window from 4:30 to 6 o’clock and integrate it into the 12-hour chronograph. The advantage of this is of course the visual balance, especially the design of the highly contrasting color matching between the dial and the three-eye chronograph dial. , you can feel the sense of coordination of the symmetrical layout. In particular, we can also notice that the color matching of the chronograph and date dial is the same, that is, the black-eye chronograph will be matched with the black-backed date dial, and the white-eye chronograph will be matched with the white-backed date dial, which further strengthens the effect of changing the position of the date window.

As for the simplification of the flying slider scale, it is the evolution of the meaning of the watch era. The Navitimer in the past is undoubtedly the representative of handsome and handsome, and part of this handsomeness comes from the professional sense of being a flying tool watch. This professional sense forms a threshold, which can be longing, but it can also be hesitant. Therefore, the new generation of Navitimer is indeed very cautious and clever in handling the iconic recognition of the flying slide rule. They still retain the slide rule bezel (necessary!), and at the same time simplify the complicated scale and the density of visual information. It is less oppressive, and the sense of space of the dial has become more relaxed, allowing the new generation of replica Navitimer to soften the very hard-line image of the past while maintaining the characteristics of the series, and welcome more watch fans who like the style of flying watches.