Breitling ENDURANCE PRO watch collection

Breitling’s latest adventure-themed quartz watch is no slouch.

When entering the world of high-end timepieces, it’s common to be a quartz snob when the price of watches is insanely high. Despite the obvious advantages of battery-powered technology, we often scoff at “quartz-only” watches as if the manufacturer couldn’t (or couldn’t) make their own mechanical movement, an outdated movement anyway. In my opinion, one of the few exceptions to this rule is Breitling. In recent years, they have made a large number of quartz watches and are still able to sell them as luxury tool pieces, and today they have a new one.

Called the Endurance Pro, it appears to be another sporty and masculine watch with aggressive styling and a black case. All of these things are undoubtedly true, but that’s not a bad thing because the watch is visually appealing. If you like designs that look military-inspired but a little too finicky, I think you’ll love this one. The coloured rubber strap matches the dial’s buttons, crown and inner flange to give the watch a cohesive look. Unfortunately, that could also mean changing the straps resulting in color clashes, but when you get to it, that’s a mountain to climb.

All watches feature a 44mm x 12.5mm case made from a black composite called Breitlight, a polymer made from carbon fiber for extra rigidity. This is expected to be much lighter and less noticeable than an all-steel sports watch. The rotating bezel of the watch is engraved with a compass, making the watch useful in the wild. The chronograph on the inner flange also has a pulsating scale.

The chronograph can measure up to 12 hours via the sub-dial, which seems fairly clear in the press photos. There is also a date squeezed between 4 and 5. Normally, I’d talk about how this unbalances the dial and is unnecessary, but if you look closely at the chronograph sub-dials, you’ll see that they all look slightly different. Also, since this is Breitling’s portable sports watch, the date can be very useful. Breitling fake

As I mentioned, inside the watch is a quartz movement, SuperQuartz 82 to be precise. It is based on the ETA Thermoline movement. In Breitling, it has a sensor that measures the ambient temperature. This is important for quartz watches; temperature determines how often a quartz crystal vibrates, and changes in temperature can reduce its accuracy. This is similar to what we saw on the Longines Conquest VHP watch a few years ago, and while we don’t have exact numbers to put this watch in, it’s a COSC-grade quartz chronograph.

All quality replica watches are water resistant to 100m. This is one of the most affordable watches in the Breitling collection, and you do get quite a bit of money, and you can even opt for a rubber or recycled nylon strap.