Omega Speedmaster Super Racer and Helix System

Learn about Omega’s latest innovation in precision – the Spirate System

A tiny device that can make a huge difference…that’s how cheap Omega teases its latest technological development and the watch it’s powered by. The technological achievement in question has a name, and it’s the Spirate System. The watch has it too, it’s the Omega Speedmaster Super Racer. We introduced you to both in an article last week with lots of details. However, this new mechanism for making ultra-fine adjustments to the watch’s rate is not very well understood. The results and manner of using the Spirate System in real life are extremely effective for watchmakers. However, there is real watchmaking science behind it. In this regard, videos always provide a more accurate understanding of such technical topics than static images. So we decided to give you all the details about the Speedmaster Super Racing and Spirate System in the video at the top of this article, which you can watch here.

What is the Spirate system…? The development of this new technology allowed Omega to set new standards in movement adjustment. We’re talking about improved accuracy with a fine-tuning system that allows movement to be adjusted in increments of just 0.1 seconds per day. Overall, it’s accurate between 0 and +2 seconds per day. But the Spirate system alone is not enough. This is a new layer of quality and precision on top of all the innovations Omega has created before.

With its antimagnetic technology and ultra-demanding Master Chronometer standards, Omega has set a new benchmark for the industry. It is the result of many innovations involving multiple components of the best fake watches for men. Co-axial escapement, silicon hairspring, 15,000 Gauss anti-magnetic movement. It’s all about precision. Until now, with the Master Chronometer, Omega’s watches have been adjusted between 0 and +5 seconds every day. It’s now between 0 and +2 seconds per day, which is quite possibly the strictest standard in the industry – at least for mainstream luxury watches produced on an industrial scale.

How does Omega do this? The Spirate system consists of a silicon balance spring with a new geometry, whose articulated structure allows the watchmaker to influence the stiffness of the balance spring’s connection point. This is done by means of an eccentric adjustment mechanism located on the balance bridge. It complements the adjusting screw on the variable inertia balance, allowing for ultra-precise and effortless rate adjustment. The result is a watch that is of course still highly resistant to magnetic properties, and a METAS-certified Master Chronometer, while also adopting the new “0 and +2 seconds per day” standard. It is important to know that Omega will gradually apply this technology to other movements in the future, as the module can be easily adapted to existing movements.

This video is also the perfect time to see the new watch Speedmaster Super Racing. The watch is based on the existing Speedmaster Racing concept, sharing many of the same features – case, proportions, base movement, display – and adding a layer of exclusivity with laser-etched sandwich dials and bold black and yellow accents. But you can learn all the details about the watch in our previous article and of course the video. The big deal here is the Spirate system, which may look simple, but is actually quite clever and technologically complex. A bit over-engineered. But that’s exactly what you’d expect from Omega… once again, the brand has set new standards for precision and industrialism.